Coir blanket is one of Indococo’s products made from coconut coir rope. This coconut coir rope is woven to form a net and the planting media is inserted.

Coir blanket products are widely applied in erosion control.

Indococo itself provides planting media in the form of coco fiber (coconut fiber) and straw.


Indococo Coir Blanket

  1. Coir Blanket with Coco Fiber

Coir blankets are especially suitable for slope stabilization. The composition of the strong coconut coir rope from Indococo is able to hold the contours of the soil so it doesn’t slide easily.

In addition to erosion control, the combination with coco fiber makes this product suitable for revegetation of slopes.

Coco fiber can function as a planting medium that can strengthen the root system of plants.


  1. Coir blanket with Straw

Coir blanket with straw is functionally almost the same as coir blanket with coco fiber. One thing that distinguishes it is that straw has a higher nutrient content when compared to coco fiber.


The size of the coir blanket from Indococo can be made according to your needs. Indococo provides coir blankets ranging in size from 2 x 12.5 meters to 2 x 25 meters.

You can start measuring the land that will be covered with the coir blanket and then communicate it with our team via WhatsApp. Our team will help you to get the best product.


Advantages of Indococo Coir Blankets

  1. Strong nets
  2. Measurable quality
  3. Fiber is not easy to break so it can withstand use for a long time
  4. Eco-friendly


Its Application in Erosion Prevention and Revegetation

The application of coir blankets for land or slopes is very easy. The method is as follows.

  1. Place the coir blanket on the surface of the slope, attach it to the pegs
  2. Spray plant nutrients on the planting medium
  3. Spray the plant seeds on the planting medium
  4. Application is complete.

Coir blankets are here as a solution to your concerns regarding landslides and barren/arid slopes.

You can regain a green environment on the slopes with more stable soil contours.


coir blanket
coir blanket

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