bio blanket erosion control fabric

The bio blanket erosion control fabric is one of the types you can find in the market. It is basically the open weave which is made from several natural fibrous items. 

Those are like straw, cotton, coconut, and also wood. The the biodegradable netting will hold them together. That is why; the shape is more like a mat or blanket. 

It’s function is to minimize the soil loss. It provided the barrier which is able to protect the vegetation. Basically, they can create a stable and ideal environment in seeding period. 

It is because the bio blanket erosion control fabric can wick the storm water and make a moisture land at the same time. You need it to make sure the sloped doesn’t erode. 

Why this Item is Recommended 

Actually, it will save your money and time more. It is because your soil is perfectly protected from being carried away, especially dying a construction. 

Unable to keep the silt soil in a site will cause a sediment issues. The bio blanket erosion control fabric can trap the sediment underneath to avoid the bad things to happen. 

During that process, it also let’s vegetation to grow until they have some strong roots. This is a natural way where people can fight for erosion better. 

The good side is that it is not breaking the natural situation of an area. Vice versa, this item would make the land is more moisture than before. This is a perfect stuff for civil engineering.

The Bio Blanket Erosion Control Fabric

The type of a product like this always need the natural fibrous materials as their major components. Those are like the coconut, straw, wood, and also cotton. In the market, some mats are netless 

It means that the raw fibrous materials are the one to hold the mats together. Actually, you can choose between biodegradable or synthetic one. You may use them if a place has the high and strong water flow velocities.

It is also perfect if your area has the increasing tragic load. Usually is from the construction or maybe some maintenance equipment. Buying this bio blanket erosion control fabric would save your money. 

It can last form 3 months up to 3 years. Everything depends on the materials and also how the manufacturer makes this item. The example is a may from 100 percent straw. 

Usually, they will degrade quicker than those Which are made from coconut fibers. Some other aspects may influence the durability of these mats or blankets too. 

How Do These Products Cost?

To make sure these bio blanket erosion control fabric have a longer durability, please pay attention to the manufacturer’s advices for installation and maintenance.

The question now is how much the cost? The costs are actually ranging from $0.30 up to $3.00 For every square. Once again it sends on the roll size, raw materials, and selections of netting. 

The standard size from the industry is 100 square. You may consult to an engineer because he will help to choose the best Product which is suitable with your need. 

An engineer usually his a reference about the costs too. Talking to him about bio blanket erosion control fabric will be great and more beneficial for you. 

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