Coconut sheet is one of the products made from coconut coir which is pressed and in the form of sheets like a carpet.

In general, coco sheet has a natural color of coconut coir, which is brownish yellow.


2 Types of Coconut Sheet

  1. Natural Coco Sheet

Natural Coco Sheet is made from 100% coconut coir without a mixture of other ingredients.

  1. Coco Sheet with Latex

Coco Sheet which is composed of a mixture of coconut coir and latex or sap that functions as an adhesive. This adhesive serves so that the coconut fiber does not easily decompose from the sheet.


Indococo as one of the coco sheet manufacturing industries and also other coconut derivative products produces coco sheet with varying lengths, widths and thicknesses. Indococo can even manufacture custom sizes adjusted to customer needs.

Coco sheet is from a coconut fiber that has been processed with modern machine to produce a sheet with a thickness of 1-3 cm or more, a length of 25-50 meters, and a width of 1-2 meters.


Applications for Using Coco Sheet

– growing medium for vegetable or microgreen

– often used as a ground cover or mulch

– landscaping

– as a coating in the manufacture of car seats

– household products, like mattress, sofa upholstery, mattress or spring bed upholstery, footwear and floor mats

– as a base for animals such as reptiles

– a pot (cocopot)

The variety of products and uses that can be produced from coco sheet makes coco sheet a very potential alternative material for various industrial needs at affordable and environmentally friendly prices.


Indococo provides quality of coco sheet with a commitment to always prioritize quality, both the quality of raw materials, processes, packaging and delivery until it is accepted by the consumer.

Color Golden – Brown
Thickness 1-3 cm
Length 20 – 50 m
Width 1-2 m
coconut sheet
coco sheet
Is coir mattress good or bad?

Coir mattresses are made of natural fibers derived from coconut or coco sheets. Because the coco sheet is made of natural fiber, it provides a superior air ventilation system and absorbs moisture, it makes sleeping more comfortable. As a result, it is beneficial to the user’s health and skin.

How do you make coir sheet?

Coco sheet is made from coconut fiber that has been manually or mechanically processed to produce a sheet with a thickness of 1-3 cm or more as desired, a length of 25-50 meters, and a width of 1-2 meters. These include semi-finished goods that can be supplied to various nations for further processing into high-value goods.

Can plants grow in coir?

In the horticulture sector, coco fiber sheets are also recognized for providing strength and shape when removing dirt and sand. It’s also utilized to encourage the growth of additional plants that have been put to the mix. This substance also aids in the support of the plant’s root system, allowing it to flourish on slopes where it would otherwise be impossible. As a result, coconut fiber sheets are frequently utilized to reestablish plant growth and prevent soil erosion on sloping slopes.

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