Coconut Coir Product

Coir Peat Brick

Discover the Eco-Friendly Solution for Plant Growth


Premium Coconut Coir, a natural byproduct of coconut processing


Compact and Convenient, that's easy to handle and store


Versatile Use, can be used for seed starting, potting, and container gardening

coir peat brick
coir peat brick
coir peat brick

Welcome to the world of sustainable gardening with our coir brick, a versatile and eco-friendly alternative to traditional soil. We bring you the goodness of coconut coir in a convenient 1 kg package, perfect for nurturing your plants with care.

    Ideal Growing Medium

    The expanded coir brick offers a light and fluffy consistency, providing the perfect balance of aeration and moisture retention. It creates an ideal environment for plants to establish healthy root systems and thrive

    Compact Packaging, Big Impact

    The space-efficient packaging of our coir brick makes it easy to store and handle. Yet, its impact is grand, offering a cost-effective solution for shipping in bulk


    Frequently Asked

    What is coir peat brick?

    Coir peat brick, also known as coco brick, is a compressed block of coconut coir, a natural fiber extracted from coconut husks. This versatile and eco-friendly growing medium is widely used in gardening and horticulture. The coir fibers are processed and compacted into a brick shape for convenient handling and storage.

    What are coco coir bricks used for?

    Coco coir bricks are versatile and have a wide range of applications in gardening and horticulture. Some common uses include seed starting, potting mix component, soil amendment, hydroponic growing, mulching, composting, worm bedding, etc.

    Can you cut coco coir bricks?

    Yes, you can cut coco coir brick to suit your specific gardening needs. Coco coir bricks are compacted for storage and shipping convenience, and cutting them allows you to customize the size or shape for various applications.

    coir peat brick


    Size 25 x 15 x 6 cm

    Weight 1 kg


    Moisture max 20%

    Composition 100% cocopeat

    Bespoke Coco Brick: Tailored to Your Gardening Needs

    We understand that every garden is unique, and your planting requirements may vary. That’s why we offer custom orders for our Coco Brick, allowing you to personalize the size, composition, and more


    Tailored Sizes

    Need a specific size to fit your gardening containers? We can customize the size of coir brick to suit your precise requirements


    Special Compositions

    Are you growing specialty plants with unique soil requirements? Our team can create custom compositions to meet the specific needs of your plants


    Variegated Options

    For enthusiasts of variegated plants, we can formulate coir bricks with specialized blends to support the growth of these unique and captivating species

    Our coir brick is not just a growing medium, it’s a transformative experience for your plants.

    Witness the magic as it expands

    up to 6 times its original size

    providing your plants with the ideal environment for robust growth

    How to Use



    • Place the Coco Brick in a container
    • Add 4-5 liters of water and let it absorb for approximately 30 minutes


    • Once hydrated, the Coco Brick expands, and you can fluff it with your hands


    • Use the expanded coir as a growing medium for your plants

    Watch Our Tutorial Video

    Curious about how to make the most of our coir brick? Watch our tutorial video to see it in action and learn valuable tips for successful plant growth



    Improved Aeration

    Promotes better root development and aeration for healthier plants


    Water Retention

    Helps maintain optimal moisture levels for plants


    Environmentally Friendly

    Made from a renewable resource, reducing the environmental impact

    Did You Know?

    A 40-feet High Cube container can accommodate up to

    1500 coir bricks

    Imagine the possibilities for your garden or business.

    Ready to discover the cost-effective solution for your growing needs?