Cocopeat block is a natural fiber made from coconut coir. The extraction of coco coir from the husks produces a by-product called coco-peat. The fibrous coir is pre-washed, machine-dried, sifted and made free of grit and other contaminants such as animal and plant residues.

Coco peat block is a 100% natural growing medium, for plants also known as coir. The cocopeat block is made from coconut coir powder, which is the remaining powder from the processing of coconut coir decomposition which is pressed into block.

This type of coco peat good for plants. Coco peat for plants very useful as a growing medium which able to support plant growth.

Indococo produces cocopeat blocks with modern machine with weighing approximately 5 kg per block. This cocopeat block 5 kg for sale with the best price and best export quality product.


cocopeat soil
Type Block
Electrical Conductivity

0 – 0.5 mS/cm (Low EC) 
> 1 mS/cm (High EC)

Moisture < 20 %
Size 30 cm x 30 cm x 12-15 cm
Weight 5 kg per block
Max 40″ HC Container 4400 block
What potential to sell cocopeat block?

Utilization of coco coir into cocopeat blocks can be an added value economically. In fact, this planting medium can become an export commodity to the largest user countries of this product, such as China, Japan, and South Korea. You can read our article for more information. 

How do you make cocopeat block?

1. Separate coconut coir from its shell

2. Use grinder to make a powder

3. Remove fiberous part from powder

4. Press the powder into block

What is a cocopeat block?

Cocopeat block is coconut coir powder or cocopeat which is molded into a cube with a block press machine. You can read our article for more information. 

How to use cocopeat block?

To use cocopeat block is by adding water to the cocopeat block, wait until the cocopeat decomposes and expands. Then, aerate it to be used as a planting medium. You can read our article for more information. 

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