Virgin Coconut Oil or VCO is one of the oil products produced by extraction of fresh coconuts.

Indococo produces virgin coconut oil organic from selected fresh coconuts, without going through a process of purification and deodorization.

Virgin coconut oil uses as natural medicine that is able to overcome various health problems.

In addition to its function as a medicine, now VCO has a wider usage. VCO is starting to be used for hair and skin health products, cosmetic products, oil-based skin care products, carrier oils for aromatherapy to become functional food ingredients.

Indococo’s VCO is packaged in a 1L clear bottle. In addition, for larger packages, Indococo also provides 20L, 25L and 30L jerry cans and flexi tanks for shipping using containers.


What is the Difference between VCO and Coconut Oil?

VCO and coconut oil have something in common, namely that both are products in the form of oil derived from coconut flesh.

However, it turns out that both of them also have significant differences. The following table shows the differences between VCO and coconut oil.

Parameter VCO Coconut Oil
Production Process Extraction Heating
Color Concentrated Clear
Aroma and Taste Fresh A little rancid
Saturated Fat Content Low High
virgin coconut oil

Indococo always prioritizes quality in every production process, packaging and its delivery to consumers. So you doesn’t have to worry about the purity and authenticity of VCO because it has been maintained and its quality guaranteed.

If you interested in consuming VCO with its various health benefits, you can click here to connect directly with Indococo Team.




What are the benefits of virgin coconut oil?

The benefits of virgin coconut oil:

1. Fight disease-causing bacteria

2. Keep healthy skin and hair

3. Improve digestive health

4. Increase stamina

What is the difference between coconut oil and virgin coconut oil?

The difference based on the production process is that VCO is produced from the extraction process while coconut oil is produced from the heating process

What is virgin coconut oil?

Virgin Coconut Oil or VCO is one of the oil products produced by extraction of fresh coconuts.

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