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Coco Peat

Cocopeat is natural fiber made out of coconut husks. Its very good alternative for growing plant medium. Coco peat for plants is also known as coir.

Coconut Charcoal Briquette

Made from natural materials which is coconut shell charcoal and small portion of natural starch as binder, coconut charcoal is environmentally friendly because it burns very clean, and leaves almost no black residue to the touch.

Coconut Fiber

Coconut fibre or coir, is a natural fibre extracted from the outer husk of coconut. Coconut fiber is raw material used to make products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes and mattresses.

Coco Sheet

Coco sheets may be used to make a wide range of products with strong export potential, including purses, shoes, car seats, and mattresses.

Coconut Rope

Coconut rope is the raw material for making coconut crafts, such as brooms, house accessories, doormats, coco mulch, coco net, and various types of handicrafts.

Coconut Husk

Coconut husk can used as bio fuel which is a source of charcoal. This is good for use as bedding for animal cages, because it can absorb water well and minimize odors.

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coco peat

Coco Peat

a multi purpose growing medium made out of coconut husk
Its air filled porosity and high water holding capacity makes it an ideal growing medium for the plant crops. It is 100% organic and eco friendly, free from soil borne pathogen and weed.

cocopeat block

Coco Peat Block

Cocopeat block is a 100% natural growing medium, for plants also known as coir. The cocopeat block is made from coconut coir powder, which is the remaining powder from the processing of coconut coir decomposition which is printed in the form of a cube.

grow bag

Grow Bag

Grow bag is a bag for plant media to grow so that plants can be directly plant and thrive. In the grow bag, a planting hole is given on the top surface for the plants to be planted. So that the grow bag can still be penetrate by sunlight, and your plants will have strong and healthy roots.

coco fiber

Coconut Fiber

Obtained from the fibrous husk (mesocarp) of the coconut used to produce hawsers, ropes, cords, runners, mats, brooms, brushes, paint brushes and as stuffing for mattresses and upholstered furniture

coco sheet

Coco Sheet

Coco sheet is from a coconut fiber that has been processed with machine to produce a sheet with a thickness of 1-3 cm, a length of 25-50 meters, and a width of 1-2 meters or more by request.

coir mulch mats

Coir Mulch Mats

Coco mulch comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including rectangular sheets, square shapes, circle shapes, and many more. The length, width, and thickness of the coconut coir mulch can be customized to the buyer’s specifications.

coconut rope

Coconut Rope

Coconut fiber rope is the raw material for making coconut crafts, for example, brooms, house accessories, doormats, coco mulch, coco net, and various types of handicrafts.

coir mats

Coir Mats

Coir mats provide various advantages, including avoiding soil hardening and compaction, resisting wind and rain pressures, preventing soil erosion, and serving as planting media.

coco mesh

Coir Geotextile

Coir geotextile can store water for a long period of time, which causes the soil surface covered by this material to be maintained. We consider this material as one of the best components that can solve various problems in geotechnical engineering.

coir blanket

Coir Blanket

Coir blanket is one of Indococo’s products made from coconut coir rope. This coconut coir rope is woven to form a net and the planting media is inserted.

Coir blanket products are widely applied in erosion control.


Coco Pot

Coco pots are handicrafts in the form of plant pots made from coconut coir.
This organic coco pot is ready to beautify your plants.

coco bristle

Coco Bristle

Coco bristle is made from coconut husks that have been separated from the fiber. The process of making bristle uses a defibring machine, which produces long and strong coco bristle. 

coconut husk

Coconut Husk

Coconut husk is a brown, fibrous fiber that is located on the outside of the coconut shell comprises 30 per cent coconut fibres and 70 per cent flesh. Coconuts naturally possess a compound that encourages the development of beneficial bacteria, known as lignin.

coconut oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the oil produced by heating coconut milk. In the heating process, there is a separation between coconut oil and water. Coconut oil builds up on the surface of the container while the water evaporates. This coconut oil is then separated again from the remaining pulp in the container and filtered to obtain clear and clean coconut oil.

coconut charcoal briquette

Coconut Charcoal Briquette

Made from natural materials which is coconut shell charcoal and small portion of natural starch as binder, we produce eco-friendly coconut charcoal briquette that perfect for use in Shisha/hookah

rice husk ash

Rice Husk Ash

Rice husk ash are an excellent planting medium for plants. Rice husk ash have the ability to loosen soil, bind nutrients to plants, and improve soil acidity.

palm kernel shell

Palm Kernel Shell

Palm kernel shell as biomass are that it is more effective, efficient, and ecologically. Palm kernel shell are the best quality biomass and can be utilized as a steam power plant with minimal residue levels.


Other Products

There are a wide variety of products made from coconut

What is cocopeat made up of?

Coconut husks or shells are processed or mashed into sawdust-like grains to make cocopeat. You can read our article for more information.

What is coconut fiber made of?

When we extract the coconut husk material, we get three things: cocofiber, cocopeat, and coconut chips. The cocofiber is the straw-like part of the coconut husk. In this article, we’ll explain what a cocofiber product is and what it can do for you. ​You can read our article for more information.

What is coconut coir rope?

Coir, often known as coconut fibre, is a natural fiber derived from the coconut husk. Coconut fiber has been used to make natural coconut ropes.

what is coconut shell charcoal briquette?

A mixture of substances is pressed and dried into hard blocks to make charcoal briquettes. This process is widely used to increase the selling value and advantages of coal with a low calorific value or coal flakes. Briquettes are utilized in both industry and domestic settings. One invention is the conversion of coconut waste into briquettes.

what is coconut husk made of?

Coconut coir consists of 30 percent coconut fiber and 70 percent meat. It is separated from each other, made into many small pieces by machine technology.

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