what is cocopeat
preparation coco peat for cultivation vegetable with drip irrigation system

When you open a coconut and notice the fiber-like and hairy interior, it is the base of the cocopeat. But do you know what cocopeat is and is its purpose? It has many types and forms and is used for various purposes. Some people may call it coco coir or coco fiber. The majority of people used it as growing media for plants. It is commonly available and a traditional rope or for wire baskets. Cocopeat is suitable for growing media because it balances the humidity, which means the plants are not easy to wither. It perfect media for hydroponic because it can keep the water longer.

Besides, cocopeat can neutralize the pH level in the water and save the nutrition that the planter gives. Cocopeat can hold large amounts of water like a sponge. Cocopeat has many excesses because of that cocopeat as growing media perfect to use if you are collecting plant in your house. We can extract fiber from coconut shells. In simple terms, a cocopeat is a sponge made from crushed or softened coconut coir fiber. Generally, cocopeat can be buy-in every plant shop, but you can be completed it by yourself as long as you have coconut in your place. With its low price, many people choose to buy it and get the best quality of cocopeat.

The benefits of cocopeat

As we already know, cocopeat can soak the water and keep the water longer than dirt. It has pores that make it easy to exchange the air in a plant. Cocopeat contains Trichoderma molds, a type of enzyme from fungi that can reduce disease in the soil. Therefore cocopeat can maintain the ground lose and fertile. We can hold 16 liters of water just using 1 kilogram of cocopeat because of the ability to absorb liquid. Cocopeat is good to increase the porosity of dirt. The porosity effect in the ground can maintain more air, so the circulation and drainage in the pot/dirt are better.

The texture of cocopeat is the same as the land is a suite for alternative, but the nutrition inland can’t be found in cocopeat. So cocopeat is an addition to growing media for a plant that still needs fertilizer. The advantage of using cocopeat is the texture same as soil and it can absorb water well, and it is environmentally friendly. Last but not least, cocopeat is more durable and easy to use for beginners who want to start plants as hobbies. The low price of cocopeat is reasonable if you consider buying it in a plant shop. Don’t overthink when you want to use it, because its benefits will give you more than you paid.

Types of cocopeat

You can use coir such as peat moss. It was often pressed into bricks, which had to be soaked to break them down. This product is also found ground into dust, called coir dust, and was used for planting many exotic plants such as bromeliads, ferns, monstera, anthuriums, and orchids. Coco fiber is the brick type and is mixed with soil to create air pockets that carry oxygen to plant roots. Coconut chips are also available and hold water while aerating the soil. Using these combinations, you can customize the type of media each plant variety requires. Reminder for always moisten cocopeat well and check it frequently to keep the texture of your cocopeat, especially on plant use.

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