Coco fiber, otherwise known as coco coir, is the natural coarse material obtained between the thick inside the shell. The other get from the outer coat of coconut fruits. This material is used to make various products such as floor mats, mattresses, doormats, brushes, rope, car seats, and many more. For boat and house construction, coco fiber rope really helps during the process, so people consider using this brown thing.

To make rope from coco fiber, we need a coco fiber rope spinning machine. This coco fiber rope spinning machine is a machine used for spinning ropes from coconuts. Coconut rope is the raw material for making coconut-coconut crafts, for example, making brooms, house accessories, doormats, coco mulch, coco net, and various types of handicrafts.

coir rope
Diameter Length
6 mm  750 meter
8 mm  650 meter
10 mm  200 meter
16 mm  200 meter


spinning machine
coconut fiber rope
coconut rope
coco fiber rope

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