Palm oil is widely used as a raw material for cooking oil.

In a production process, including the production of palm cooking oil, of course there is residual material or what we know as waste.

Coconut coir from oil palm fruit is one of the wastes.

Indococo tries to process this palm coir waste into value-added products. This processing process can also be said to help preserve the environment, because usually this coir is cleaned by burning which can cause environmental pollution.

By using modern machines, Indococo is able to produce several product variants from palm coir.


Palm Oil Derivative Products


Palm peat is a powder like coco peat made from palm coir. This powder is widely used for growing media.

Palm peat planting media has a good content for plant growth.

The characteristics of Indococo palm peat

  1. High EC, has a high EC (EC > 1 mS/cm)
  2. Suitable for a variety of plants
  3. Suitable for animal cages pad

For those of you who are looking for a planting medium with high EC, this palm peat can be chosen for farming.


palm peat


Palm fiber is a fine and pure coco fiber produced from the coconut coir chopping process.

Palm fiber is widely used for the manufacture of advanced products such as ropes, nets, mulch, mattresses to other crafts such as palm coir mats.

Indococo palm fiber has a characteristic golden color that is not easily broken, so the strength of the resulting derivative product will also be better.

If you want to make a product that prioritizes the strength, such as rope for hanging pots or nets for slope stabilization, this palm fiber can be a raw material solution.


palm fiber


Palm mesh is a net made from palm coir. Palm mesh is usually used for slope stabilization, road stabilization and erosion control.

Indococo itself produces palm coir nets in various sizes that can be adjusted into customer needs.

Palm mesh has a high level of strength so it is not easily broken when used in applications around landscaping.


Advantages of palm oil derivative products:

  1. Does not damage the environment
  2. Contains various ingredients that are good for soil and plants
  3. Not easy to mold
palm mesh

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