palm fiber

Palm oil is an essential commodity in the world. Each year, the world produces over 70 million metric tons of palm oil. This enormous production of palm oil has resulted in enormous landfill waste. However, most parts of this waste make an excellent source of oil palm fiber.

This fact has driven many companies to extract fiber from oil palm landfill waste and turn it into more valuable and functional products. Thanks to these companies, the amount of this landfill waste has decreased.

The Process of Turning Palm Oil Waste into Palm Fiber

The palm tree produces oil and fiber at the same time. This oil is useful for manufacturing soaps, detergents, cosmetics, and cooking oil. Lately, some companies have also utilized it as biomass. 

When palm oil companies process the oil palm fruit, they will get refined oil and byproducts in the form of palm pressed fiber, empty fruit bunch, and palm oil sludge. They then send the byproducts to the mill.

In the mill, a machine will process them into natural fibers. However, not all these byproducts will turn into fibers. Some parts will be utilized to make animal feeds and manure because they contain certain nutrients.

Oil Palm Tree Fiber Products

It is a sustainable raw material for creating various products. Below are some palm tree products.

  1. Sustainable Substrate for Mushroom Cultivation

Research has shown that certain mushroom species love to grow in palm substrate mix. This mix consists of palm-pressed fiber ash and palm-pressed fiber. To maximize the yield of the mushroom, you will need to spray the mushroom with liquid nutrients.

  1. Soilless Growing Medium

It has an excellent ability in absorbing water. It can absorb a large amount of water and release it slowly. Therefore, this fiber is ideal for seeding and hydroponic gardening. Since this soilless growing medium is low in nutrients, you need to add liquid nutrients into it.

  1. Palm Briquette

Some manufacturers process this product into palm briquette. This briquette is smokeless, ashless, and free from carbon monoxide. Palm briquette is ideal for industrial purposes and household purposes, such as BBQ.

  1. Palm Blanket for Land Erosion Control

You can use it to control land erosion if you happen to live in regions with a high risk of erosion. To control land erosion, you must purchase a palm blanket.

The Function for Gardening

It can improve the texture, aeration, and drainage of your garden soil. Therefore, mixing this fiber with your garden soil will help your plants grow well.

Before you apply this fiber to your garden, you must soak it with water first. Wait for 15 minutes before mixing it with the garden soil. Moreover, you must not forget to add fertilizer into the soil to enrich its organic matter because palm tree fiber is low in nutrients. You can purchase it from nurseries and online marketplaces. However, you must ensure that the palm tree fiber you purchase is in excellent condition.

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