Coconut Coir Product

Coir Fiber

Unleash the Power of Coir Fiber in Your Gardening Journey


Durable and Long-Lasting, renowned for its durability, ensuring a long-lasting and robust growing medium


Excellent Water Retention, excels in water retention, promoting optimal hydration for your plants


Enhanced Aeration, creating an ideal environment for healthy root development

coco fiber
coir fiber
coconut fiber

Welcome to the world of coir fiber, a natural and versatile gardening solution. Coir fiber, extracted from the husk of coconuts, presents a myriad of benefits for plant enthusiasts and commercial growers alike

    Potting Mix Component

    Enhance the structure and moisture retention of your potting mixes with the addition of coir fiber

    Mulching Material

    Use coir fiber as a natural and effective mulch to regulate soil temperature and conserve moisture

    Erosion Control

    Leverage the erosion-resistant properties of coir fiber for landscaping and erosion control projects



    Frequently Asked

    Is Coco fibre good for plants?

    Yes, coco fiber is an excellent and beneficial choice for plants. It is derived from the husk of coconuts and has several advantages that contribute to plant health and successful cultivation.

    Can I mix coco fiber with soil?

    Yes, mixing coco fiber with soil is a popular and beneficial practice in gardening. Coco fiber, derived from coconut husks, can enhance the structure and properties of the soil, offering several advantages for plant growth.

    Is coco husk and coco fiber the same?

    No, they are distinct components. Coco husk is coarser, used for soil structure, while coco fiber is finer, suitable for potting mixes and hydroponics.

    coir fiber


    Color Natural Brown

    Size 7 – 30 cm

    Moisture Content 18 – 25%

    Impurity 5%

    Weight 100 kg/bale

    Customize Your Coco Fiber

    We understand that your needs are unique. That’s why we offer the flexibility to personalize your coco fiber, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your requirements. Here’s how you can tailor your coco fiber experience:

    coco fiber

    Gardener's Choice

    Gardeners can select coco fiber with specific fiber lengths and colors that blend seamlessly with their garden aesthetics. Harmonize your outdoor space with the perfect coco fiber match


    Sustainable Crafting

    Opt for natural and sustainable coco fiber for your crafting projects. Enjoy the dual benefits of creating beautiful crafts while contributing to eco-friendly and responsible material choices


    Bulk Ordering for Commercial Use

    For commercial applications, we offer the convenience of bulk ordering. Ensure a steady supply of customized Coco Fiber for your large-scale projects

    our cocofiber

    Packaging Type



    • Size 80 x 160 x 100 cm
    • Weight 100 kg
    • 40 feet high cube container can accommodate 180 bales
    coconut fiber
    coir fiber

    cocofiber with many



    Enhanced Soil Structure

    Improves soil aeration and structure, promoting healthy root development and nutrient absorption


    Versatility in Applications

    Adaptable for various uses such as soil amendment, hydroponics, mulching, erosion control, seed starting, animal bedding, and more


    Sustainable and Renewable

    Derived from coconut husks, coco fiber is a renewable resource, contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly gardening practices

    Harness the power of this natural and sustainable material to cultivate vibrant gardens, nurture creativity, and weave a tapestry of eco-friendly solutions

    Why Choose Indococo?

    Our Expertise

    We excel in the art of processing natural products. Our dedicated team ensures that every product is handled with precision, maintaining its natural essence and quality

    Global Presence

    Having successfully exported our products to over 90 countries across Asia, Europe, Australia, and America, we have established a strong global footprint

    International Reach

    With a focus on expanding our horizons, we have seamlessly navigated international markets. Our products have found homes in diverse cultures