One of the advances in ecologically friendly and renewable fuels is wood pellet. This item was created as a new energy alternative that can serve the same purpose as coal.

Although the sizes and adhesive materials differ, wood pellets and wood briquettes almost look alike in terms of shape. Indococo wood pellets are made from hard wood, such as Kaliandra wood, or wood waste that has been processed into powder with dimensions ranging from 3 to 12 mm in diameter and 6 to 25 mm in length. A cylinder is created by adhering and compacting this powder.

wood pellet


Indococo wood pellets are utilized to fulfill a variety of demands, including industrial and domestic needs. Our wood pellets are frequently utilized as heating fuel in homes. Additionally, our wood pellets are utilized as fuel in factories to run equipment like boilers.

Indococo wood pellets offer calories that are comparable to low-calorie coal when compared to coal. Additionally, wood pellets produce less carbon than coal does. As a result, wood pellets are viewed as being more environmentally friendly because they generate few exhaust gas emissions, which are 10 times lower than those from coal and 8 times lower than those from gas fuel.


wood pellet

An additional benefit of Indococo wood pellets

  1. Secure waste

Wood pellet waste can be utilized right away as plant fertilizer.

  1. Adaptable in use

Wood pellets can be put out while still in use. This wood pellet can be turned back on later, and so forth.

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