wood pellet as cat litter

It may be surprising for some of us but wood pellets for heating doubles up as a high-quality cat litter. For your information, wood pellet as cat litter is produced under intense heat. So, it doesn’t contain additives, chemicals, and binders that can cause harm to your cat. In addition to 100% natural, it is also super absorbent. To know more what makes it such a good cat litter, you have to keep on reading.

Wood Pellet As Cat Litter Is Super Absorbent

For your information, it is able to hold a lot of liquid. Even more, it absorbs up to 3x its weight in moisture. You know that a cat litter which can hold a lot of moisture requires replacing less often. You have to note that wood pellet litter is from sawdust. Even though it is very tight, it starts to expand when wet. So, it becomes bigger in size. When you clear out the cat litter tray, you may dispose of the expanded pellets and then top up the rest of the litter tray with the compressed pellets.

Wood Pellet As Cat Litter Is Natural Odor Control

Then, it is important to know that wood pellet is from 2 types of softwood: spruce and pine. Usually, people know the smell of pine from the Christmas tree. In fact, the naturally fragrant pine in the wood pellet helps to mask odor, without any type of chemicals.

Wood Pellet Is Hygienic

In relation to the process of wood pellet as cat litter, the manufacturer uses intense heat that kills any bacteria and other nasties. Due to its tight compression, wood pellet cat litter also doesn’t give a lot of dust.

Wood Pellet Is Environmentally Friendly

The most important thing is that it becomes an alternative for a quality cat litter. Even more, its is environmentally-friendly, too. Since it comes from a sustainable resource, wood pellet is biodegradable. So, you can compost it after use. Anyway, using wood pellet cat litter is a good way to reduce the carbon ‘paw’-print of your cat.

Can I Flush Wood Pellet As Cat Litter Down the Toilet?

It is easy to dispose of wood pellet litter. You also have options to flush it down the toilet or compost it. You know that you cannot flush clay-based cat litter down the toilet. Meanwhile, wood pellet lotter comes from biodegradable materials so that you can flush it because it is flush-safe.

However, you have to know that not all wood pellet litter is the same. In fact, the product will make the disposal options clear by saying whether it is ‘flushable’ or not on the packaging.  It may be not flush-safe if it doesn’t tell anything. To sum up, you can flush it down the toilet if it is flush-safe. However, you must throw the cat’s feces into the wastebin beforehand. And, you can use the soiled litter as compost if it is compostable.

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