wood pellet fuel

Wood pellet belongs to an alternative fuel. It comes from wood waste. As one of the renewable fuels, it is environmentally friendly. Besides that, it is hard and comes with a cylindrical shape. Then, it also belongs to the energy conversions. The changing energy process forms of wood waste that is sized randomly is converted into a cylindrical pellet. You need to know that this service determines the impact of rising fuel costs. That’s why it is important to analyze the efficiency of the wood pellet fuel.

The Function of Wood Pellet Fuel as the Alternative to Traditional Heating

For your information, wood pellet is an economical, ecological, and modern alternative to traditional fuel for heating public buildings, companies, and residential houses. You know that pellet is available in different types of biomass including straw, nut shells, seeds, bark, waste wood, and energy crops. And, it is the most effective fuel. For example, it will be a good idea to consider wood pellet that uses post-production remains from carpentry workshops and sawmills. Here, the manufacturer dries raw material like sawdust and compact it under pressure to form small granules.

Comes with the energetic properties of wood pellet fuel, it certainly belongs to one of the most efficient energy sources. You should know that wood pellet’s calorific value is about 18.17 MJ/kg. Then, the wood pellet’s low content of moisture makes it more efficient fuel.

The Advantages of Wood Pellet Fuel as a Source of Heat

First, wood pellet fuel is more savings than other fuels. Besides that, it is comfortable to use as it offers purity of use, transport, and storage. Then, it also has high energy value. For your information, 2 kg of pellets equals 1 liter of fuel oil. In addition, it comes with convenient packaging. Usually, wood pellet is available in 15-kg bags/big bag, tank. Moreover, you can see what you buy because you exactly know the weight of a given product, ash content after combustion, and its moisture.

Furthermore, it is easy to storage. You just need to provide a dry room & put bags on pallets. Of course, it is useful to use a silo for pellets for large investments. For heating a single-family house, you just need 5-8 tons of pellets for one session of heating. However, the amounts of pellets depend on the area/volume of the house, weather condition in the winter, boiler efficiency, and thermal insulation. Wood pellet is also safe to use, transport, and storage. In the process of production, it offers ecological origin & no environmental pollution. One more thing, it is low levels of carbon dioxide emissions.

Wood Pellet Fuel Prices

When it comes to pricing, wood pellet fuel is affordable enough to use to fuel a wood-burning stove. You just need to spend about $5 – $9 per bag on pellets or $25 – $35 per month. However, it largely depends on how often you run the stone. Usually, a single bag of wood pellets burns for about 24 hours.

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