Coconut shells use to be considered agricultural waste, but today, they are considered a resource. They can be found in their natural form, or compressed into a briquette. Made from natural materials which is coconut shell charcoal and small portion of natural starch as binder, coconut charcoal is environmentally friendly because it burns very clean, and leaves almost no black residue to the touch.

With high quality control standard in every step of process, from coconut shell selection until briquetting and packaging, we deliver high quality coconut charcoal briquettes in any desired size and packaging based on your requirement that perfect for use in Shisha/hookah.

hookah briquette
Mouisture Max 6% or by request
Ash Content Max 3% or by request
Calorifix Value up to 7.500 kcal/kg
or by request
Heat Content up to 600 ºC
or by request
Minimum Burn Time 1 hours
Glowing Time up to 2 hours
Cube Size by request
Packaging Size by request
Odorless, smokeless, no sparks
Include inner and outer packaging (design by request)


shisha briquette
What is coconut shell charchoal briquettes?

A mixture of substances is pressed and dried into hard blocks to make charcoal briquettes. This process is widely used to increase the selling value and advantages of coal with a low calorific value or coal flakes. Briquettes are utilized in both industry and domestic settings. One invention is the conversion of coconut waste into briquettes.

Are coconut briquettes good?

There are numerous advantages to utilizing coconut briquettes. It is a renewable energy source. So, by renewable energy, we imply energy that can be obtained and obtained from natural resources. Because this raw material is always generated by nature, it will not be infinite because it is derived from sustainable natural processes. The Biomass category includes this coconut shell charcoal briquette. Biomass refers to biological elements obtained from living creatures and is one source of renewable energy. Wood fuel, coconut, garbage, and alcohol are all examples of biomass sources.

Why are coconut shells briquettes?

Coconut Briquette Charcoal have high quality standards can be environmentally friendly in every step of the process because it burns very clean. The product itself is a by-side of coconut product that comes from the shell. These proves that the coconut shell will be easy to briquette and the final product will produce less ash to the environment. This briquette is very safe to use. Coconut shell is get after the coconut oil and water is removed, so it will contain little moisture in this material, which will make the product very safe to ignite and safe to use.

How do you make coconut briquettes?

Making charcoal from coconut shell material is quiet and simple. First, you need the old coconut shell, and they need to be dry rather. After that, you need some tools like a diskmill/ Charcoal pulverizing machine, oven, and mixture. Also, you can add some tapioca flour to make this charcoal produce less smoke when it burns. Dry the final product that has been printed using an oven at 650C for approximately 2 hours, this drying can use the help of sunlight. These charcoals from coconut shells are ready to be use.

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