Indococo as the best Indonesia Cocopeat Exporter

Cocopeat or coir is an ideal growing medium for your plants. It is organic because we make it from the natural fiber of renewable coconut husks. Now, people can grow plants without soil and land. This is because this medium is suitable to be an alternative for conventional soil. Thus, if you have a little land area, you can use cocopeat as your growing plants medium.

You can grow your plants in this type of medium instead of using traditional peat moss and rock wool. This medium is suitable for plantations and farms, even anthurium plants. You can also mix this medium with soil. Many experts believe cocopeat is good for soil’s quality. It can produce good plants if we mix it with soil. However, this medium does not contain nutrients found in soil. Thus, farmers need to add additional nutrients or fertilizer to this medium.

Looking For Eco-Friendly Plant Medium? Check Cocopeat!

People prefer cocopeat to other media because of its water retention ability and eco-friendliness. 

This medium Has Great Water Retention

First, unlike chaff and sawdust, this medium is more long-lasting and neutral. It has high water retention to save more water and nutrients. It is good for plants growth because of its water retention and pores, which can help the growth of the root. The root will grow faster if it receives enough water and air, making the plants more likely to survive. 

An Eco-Friendly Plant Medium

The other reason people use this medium is because of its eco-friendliness. If you care about protecting the global environment, you need to choose eco-friendly products such as cocopeat. Because we make this medium from organic matter, it is eco-friendly. The renewable material makes it degrades well in soil; thus, it is good for the environment and future generations. 

Indococo As The Leading Indonesia Cocopeat Exporter And Manufacturer

Because there are many benefits, this medium is in high demand for international markets. Among many nations, Indonesia is the best cocopeat exporter and manufacturer.

There are several reasons you should choose Indonesia if you want to buy this medium. Those reasons are its best quality and prices. First, Indonesia produces good quality coconut products, up to 15 billion pieces every year—making Indonesia one of the most well-known coconut products suppliers. This is because coconut is very abundant in Indonesia as we can find it across the islands. Second, Indonesia provides good quality coconut products and ensures the customer to have the best service ever. 

Indococo is the best Indonesia cocopeat exporter and manufacturer. As the company commits to providing the best quality products and services. Indococo has served over 400 customers from 80 countries worldwide, such as South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Seychelles, France, Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Greece, Pakistan, Israel, India, Uni Emirate Arab, and many more. This is because of Indococo’s vision and mission to give the best customer service, customer experience, and company culture. Then, Indococo has received a prestigious award in Indonesia, “Best International Marketing 2016.” The participants who joined this award are giant companies, such as Astra International, Kalbe Farma, Lippo Group, etc.

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