Cocopeat Prices

Cocopeat prices – Cocopeat is an alternative growing medium that can be used to cultivate various types of plants, especially hydroponics. There are a lot of benefits that can be obtained by using this planting medium. Cocopeat is suitable for use with the soil or stand-alone. Cocopeat is also widely chosen as a substitute for soil.  The main material of this planting medium is made from coconut husks and shells that are processed or mashed so that they become grains such as sawdust. Although it can be said as an alternative planting medium that the quality is as good as the soil, the nutrients in the soil are not present in it. Therefore, cocopeat requires an additional mixture as fertilizer.

The use of cocopeat is more accessible than using any other conventional soil, which will suit the beginner in gardening. This material is also eco-friendly because it is a coconut product after extracting the fiber from coconut skin. So, in other words, it is the soil made from a grind or mixture of coconut fiber. This material can be replenished and not harvested in nature like any others soil. Coconut husk used to be waste for coconut farmers by this innovation, and the coco husk has economic value. Cocopeat prices are also the best option to buy because of their low price.

Cocopeat prices benefits

The benefits of Cocopeat for planting are so many. The Cocopeat has high moisture of retention capacity, capable of retaining up to 500% of moisture when its dry weight. Cocopeat also improves soil aeration, allowing roots to breathe that will help plants grow healthier and greener. Cocopeat has mostly tolerant to pH variations. The pH in Cocopeat is between 5.0 to 7.0, so it is suitable for your plant’s growth.  Advantage because of its porous nature, Cocopeat can store and release water and nutrient to the plants on demand. Cocopeat use can be longer than any soil.

It can be reused for more than five years. After you finish it for planting medium, you can use it again and again for an extended period of time. This means Cocopeat is environmentally friendly; in other benefits Cocopeat is from a 100% natural and replenish resource.  Cocopeat is to find you can buy it online or directly to the producer to get cocopeat price good value for money. 

How to use cocopeat

For your information, cocopeat can be used in many types of application. Cocopeat is usually used for horticulture such as pot gardening, farming, hydroponic farm, and greenhouse. But some people also use cocopeat for animal bedding like horse stables, lizards, spiders, frogs, and snakes. When you buy cocopeat from a producer is often comes in compressed bricks form. The brick is easy to distribute, package, and store handle. The product first needs to be reconstituted before you use it. Just break apart a brick in parts, throw it in a large bucket, and add some water. Just wait for 10-15 minutes, then stir and fluff cocopeat. Add more water if it’s not loose yet from the brick. After you see the moist and loose cocopeat, it is ready to use for your need.

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