Coco Peat Powder

Coco Peat powder (CPD) is 100% comes from natural resources; it is a by-side product of coconut, which was a waste. Coco peat powder can retain a high amount of moisture which helps in water conservation that promotes plant growth healthier and enriches the soil. Coco peat is also a natural soil conditioner that improves the soil if you use it for gardening. It is beneficial in the germination of seeds and expands upon adding water to them. Moreover, it helps retain a high amount of moisture and is resistant to any disease for your plants. Coco peat powder is easily found in any horticultural and agricultural application.

Coco peat powder made from the remaining powder of the processing coconut coir decomposition usually molds in the brick. This form is easy to package and store to the market, primarily to export overseas. Indonesia is one of the biggest countries to export this coco peat powder because of its country’s coastal length. People usually throw coconut coir because it is useless, and many people thought it was a waste. But in the early 90’s people invented that coco coir can be made to be a useful planting medium called coco peat. We can make our first coco peat with many benefits instead of becoming waste with simple steps and tools.

Coco peat powder made tools and steps

You can easily make your first coco peat powder with simple tools and materials. It would help if you prepared all the tools like mixture or blender, bowl, coconut husk remover, and pliers. The primary material of coco peat is coconut. You need some water to cleanse and remove the salt from the coco coir. The first thing you need to do is separate the layer in coconut coir from its shell. Be careful when you do this. Always put your safety first when using pliers or knives. After you get all of the coconut husks you needed, separate them into smaller parts. After finishing it, give the water so it will not be hard to grind it into coco peat powder.

After you gave the coco husk water, could you wait until it is dry? Just wait for couple of hours or you can let it dry after a day. When the coco husk is already dry, you can mix it with a grinder or a blender. Keep mixing until the coco husk becomes a powder. If it still has some rough parts, you can remix it until it becomes smooth like powder. Then store it in a bowl or container, give the coco peat powder water again to reduce the salt from the coco husk. After 24 hours, strain the coco peat powder to dry out the water. It is an easy way to get the coco peat powder. If you want more practicality, you can buy this planting medium in a store or online store because this simple material contains many benefits that you can’t imagine. Make sure you get the best coco peat powders from the recommended store to get the best quality and maximize all of its product’s benefits.

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