Coco Liner Sheet

coco liner sheet is a variant of coconut fiber that has many benefits in everyday life. We know that coconut is a type of plant that has many uses. Humans use coconut water for health, use tree trunks as furniture materials, and thanks to technology we can now use coconut fibers for things that have economic value. One of the uses of coconut fiber is as a planting medium. Each of the coconut line is tangle to one and another so that the coconut fiber sheet has a spongy nature. Its ability to absorb water makes it perfect when used as a growing medium for plants.

Benefits of Coco Sheet

Its spongy nature makes it able to hold the water that plants need. Thus, the plant will have an adequate supply and have the right medium for roots to grow. In addition, the coco liner also acts as drainage which will ensure good aeration. No wonder many gardeners use this product as a planting medium. By using coco liner sheets, you can now ensure that hanging plants have the right place to grow. In addition, the pure substance in coco sheet will act as an antifungal on plants. The content of Phosphorus and Potassium will ensure plants thrive even though minimal maintenance. You also do not need to give additional fertilizer to the plants.

Interestingly, coco liner sheet also has a very important role in the construction world. This material is often used to manipulate the contours of the soil. We know that construction technicians need certain engineering to make sure the soil doesn’t slide in certain areas. If the soil can not maintain its natural contours, project work can run into problems and things don’t go according to plan. This often occurs in areas prone to landslides, swamps, and slopes. Here, many project managers are using coco liner sheet as an alternative material for engineering the contours of the soil. Its ability to hold large amounts of water will ensure that construction projects do not experience significant obstacles.

Coco Sheet for Construction Project

Usually, the coco liner sheet used in a construction project has certain specifications. Some technicians require coco liner sheets with different lengths, widths, and thickness levels according to the ongoing project. For this reason, there are many coco liner sheet suppliers who will help project managers complete their construction. If you are one of them, you are on the right site because we are experienced suppliers who have helped many people with their work. Whether it’s for personal projects such as gardening or construction projects that require large quantities of coco liner, we are ready to provide the best products.

Now you know who you need to call when you need coco liner sheets for your projects. We are a supplier company from Indonesia that has a deep experience in supplying coco coir sheet worldwide. If you are interested in our products, our teams will help you choose the one that fits you are ongoing projects. (Maria Arumingtyas) or email: for more information.