coir blanket erosion control

One of the disasters that often occurs is landslides caused by erosion, we can prevent erosion using coir blanket erosion control. That way the risk of landslides can be minimized and prevent us from losses.

We cannot predict when and where a disaster will come. However, keeping the environment sustainable can be one way to reduce the risk of natural disasters such as floods, landslides, and so on.

Landslides are one of the disasters that can cause huge losses to humans and the surrounding ecosystem. Landslides can be caused by many things, ranging from erosion, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and also irresponsible human activities.

Even the occurrence of this disaster is very difficult to predict and can happen at any time. This often causes many victims who have to lose their property and lives because they are buried by landslides.

Although it is very difficult to predict, at least everyone, especially those living in the highlands, knows the cause of this landslide. That way they can take steps to prevent landslides such as reforestation and coir blanket erosion control.

Causes of Dangerous Landslides

Disasters that can be reduced by reforestation and using coir blanket erosion control have various causes. There are direct causes that come from nature and some are man-made. If you don’t know it, here we provide information about the causes of dangerous landslides.

1. Earthquake

Earthquakes are one of the triggers for landslides that come from nature. Earthquakes cause strong shaking in the area affected by the earthquake. The shock is what often triggers landslides.

Earthquakes are also divided into two, namely volcanic and tectonic. Volcanic is caused by volcanic activity such as eruptions and eruptions. Meanwhile, tectonics is caused by the movement of plates in the earth’s layers.

2. Uncontrolled felling of trees

Another cause of landslides is uncontrolled felling of trees. Whereas trees are one of the places where water is stored and their roots also function to tighten the soil to reduce the risk of erosion, the main cause of landslides, which can be prevented by coir blanket erosion control.

3. Erosion

Erosion is the wearing away of soil by force that involves the lifting of objects such as running water, ice, wind, and waves or currents. Basically, erosion can be minimized and even prevented if there is sufficient forest available to accommodate high rainfall discharges.

Illegal logging activities carried out by humans often eliminate the natural water discharge reservoir. Therefore, erosion occurs which is the beginning or trigger for landslides.

How to Prevent Erosion with Coir Blanket Erosion Control

The main cause of erosion is heavy rainfall and not enough space to accommodate the water. The water reservoir in question is a forest which is a natural water storage place before it returns to the river and finally empties into the sea.

Illegal felling of trees is one of the causes of the reduction in this water storage area. To prevent this, you can do reforestation or use coir blanket erosion control.

This product is one example of the use of trees with a million benefits, namely coconut which serves to reduce the risk of landslides. Coir blanket has a way of working together with tree roots, which is to temporarily hold water and help tighten the soil to reduce the risk of landslides.

By knowing how to prevent landslides well, you can try to practice them so you can avoid losses. One way you can do to prevent this is to use coir blanket erosion control.

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