Cocopeat Indonesia as Planting Medium

Cocopeat Indonesia – Cocopeat is one of the alternative growing media for garden planters besides being relatively cheap. Cocopeat gives a lot of benefits as a planting medium. Sales of refined coconut coir from Indonesia continue to grow, even penetrating the international market to Japan and South Korea. Indonesia will push the current machine allocation to produce the best quality cocopeat. Will respond to the high demand in the international market. The global market demands coconut coir products such as coco fiber and cocopeat for raw materials. The product are spring beds, mattresses, car seats, ropes, carpets, planting media in hydroponic farming systems, and animal bedding. In this article, we will review the benefits of cocopeat Indonesia as a planting medium.

Cocopeat Indonesia is best quality product. Indonesia is one of the biggest countries to produce cocopeat in the global market. Coconut is the key ingredient to make cocopeat find in many coastal areas. Thanks to the coastal length of Indonesia, this country can produce up to 15 billion coconuts each year. As the name implies, Cocopeat comes from the coconut layer or part of the coconut husk or mesocarp is completely powdery and mainly on the coir and stick to the shell. Cocopeat has a spongy texture, so it is easy to absorb and store the water as a planting medium. Cocopeat also has pores, which facilitate air exchange and the entry of sunlight. Once you mastered this planting medium, you will never go back to using any conventional soil because of its many advantages.

Cocopeat Indonesia Benefits

For planting medium, the shape and texture of the cocopeat resemble the soil, and its grains allow the plant to adapt and when it is plant in soil. As we mentioned before, cocopeat has pores that give more aeration and drainage so that the root will grow healthier and more robust. This material also has high water absorption and can store more water than conventional soil. It can keep moisture ten times better than soil, which is very good for plants, especially when you choose a hydroponic system as a planting medium. Because cocopeat can maintain more water well, the roots do not quickly dry out and can be well hydrated.

Besides all the advantages, cocopeat is also environmentally friendly because we make it from 100% organic materials. Cocopeat can degrade well in the soil when it’s not used anymore. In addition, cocopeat can be recycled back into a new planting medium with specific processes. So we can use this material in the long term. Even some planters can use this material for up to 7 years. Cocopeat Indonesia also has low cost, giving you more benefits when you want to buy in large quantities.

Advice using cocopeat for planting medium

Even though there are many benefits when using cocopeat Indonesia as a planting medium, note something. Cocopeat soil doesn’t contain any nutritional value of its own like soil. Because of this, you need to use cocopeat soil as a planting medium with equal quantity compost to plant in order to ensure the best growth for your plants. Another tip if you use cocopeat coir is how soft the cocopeat soil form. It won’t be easy to grow some climbing plants like tomatoes or beans. You need to add some methods to solve this problem. You are using bamboo or a pole on either side of the soil connected by rope. It is not really a deal-breaker because you will quickly adapt to using this product when you plant in your garden.

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