Coco Fiber Sheet

Coco fiber Sheet – Coco fiber is from coir between the husk and the outer shell of coconuts. There are a wide variety of products from this coconut fiber husk. And today, we will discuss one of its which is the coco fiber sheet. This fabric-like material made from coconut coir is a durable, non-toxic, and a natural green product suitable as raw material for many uses. We make purely Coco fiber sheets from natural coconut husks and natural latex. So it means it not harm the environment because all the material that this product need can be replenish quickly. Also, this material has unsurpassed resilience, durability, and ventilation properties. So, the coco fiber sheet is best substitute product like petroleum-based materials, the raw materials that has a limit in supply. 

We can use Coco fiber in many fields, and many people still developed and created innovation from it.  In 1980, we only made coconut husks to make accessories like weaving them into mattresses, brooms, and house accessories. But now, with a lot of innovation and progress, we can see people use these coconut husks as a growing media for hydroponics, landscape fabric, flooring, car seats, mattress, doormats, potting soil, and many more. Coco fiber sheet itself usually use for beds, flooring, and nursery in both gardens and commercial projects. Because of one problem which significantly impedes island erosion. The shape of this product is like a carpet made by weaved and adding extra material so it will precisely look like it – we designed this material to bring strength and structure to lose sand and soil. Besides providing strength, coco fiber sheets have many other environmental benefits.

Accelerate plant growth

Coco fiber sheets in the gardening world also known for providing strength and shape to lose earth and sand. This also use to promote the growth of new plants that are added alongside it. As we make entirely coco fiber sheet of coconut husks fiber, it integrates easily into any land shape or environment, which results in no environmental damage. This product also helps support the root systems of plants, meaning that they can grow upon slopes that they wouldn’t usually be able to grow on. As a result, coco fiber sheets are often use to restore plant life in sloped areas. This product gives benefits like keep away weeds from your plants. Further, it speeds up your plant’s growth because there are no nutrients steal from it.

Better water retention

The porous feature of the coco fiber sheet allows water permeability. If you find that the soil has difficulties holding water and moisture. Using this product will help you much for water retention. We can use it for keeping your plants hydrated, you don’t need a lot of maintenance. Especially if you are new to gardening. The coco fiber sheet is excellent at absorbing water and keeping its condition after heavy exposure to moisture. These products can often last up to five or seven years without needing to be removed or replace so that you can save a lot of money.

It’s all only the benefits of coco fiber sheets for planting. There are also many benefits of using this product for another usage like vivarium, sound wall insulation, and many more. But the primary benefit of this product is environmentally friendly. Using this material, we can save the earth because of the climate change that happens.

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