Cocofiber – There are three essential coconut husks products when we extract the coconut husk material: cocofiber, cocopeat, and coconut chips. In this article, we will tell you what a cocofiber product is and its benefits. The cocofiber is the straw-like part of the coconut husk. The producer of this fiber product sells this product naturally or woven into mats for lining window baskets and wire hanging planters. Not only for industrial use, but it can also be used as a planting medium because it has an overall neutral pH level. This will be suitable for planting a wide variety of exotic plants or any vegetables. This material is also perfect for nurseries in hydroponic and many more. Cocofiber manufactured by modern machines, so it will ensure the quality of the product.

As one of the largest coconut-producing countries, Indonesia encourages the Ministry of Industry to increase machines and equipment for processing coconut coir. Coconut itself grows a lot in coastal areas, which helps the country of Indonesia because it has a reasonably long coastline. It is a response to the high international market demand for coconut coir products, such as cocofiber and cocopeat for raw materials like spring beds, mattresses, car seats, ropes, and carpets. Also, this product can be applied in planting media such as hydroponic farming systems and animal bedding.

The benefits of cocofiber uses

As we mentioned before, the application by this product is very wide. Some people use this material for industries, others for planting medium, and some for animal bedding. But did you know? The main benefits of this product are sustainability and being environmentally friendly. This material is also a renewable natural resource, so you do not have to worry about the material run out in nature. Besides, the material will not be waste that hard to degrade in landfills because this material is easy to decompose. Moreover, the price of cocofiber in the market is relatively low and easy to find. You can search it in trusted manufacture or seller to get its product’s best material and full benefits.

In detail, for planting medium cocofiber has excellent aeration that adds air pocket to your plants. Those air pockets will give more air that can reach the plant’s roots and enhance drainage. Cocofiber is the lowest absorbent of any coconut husk product, but it still can hold a decent amount of water compared to the conventional planting medium. It will slowly release the water, so your plants stay hydrated without soaking and becoming prone to root rot. Even tiny amounts of cocofiber contain potassium and phosphorous that help your plants grow healthier. This planting medium is also anti-fungal and anti-diseases, so you feel confident about your plant’s growth.

From waste became high value product

Now cocofiber or some people called it coconut husks, became a high economic value product. People used to throw away this waste because they thought it waste of useless material. People discovered and created a global market for the cocofiber industry by-product only one or two decades ago. So many countries are now interested in buying cocofiber from Indonesia because of the quality and affordable price we offered.

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