Indonesia Cocopeat Block in China

Indonesia cocopeat block in China- Cocopeat is waste from coconut in coco fiber and coconut powder. China is one country that have a prime interest in coconut fiber and cocopeat block. We will use both of these commodities as a growing medium and many other products. Indonesia only from Surabaya inspected 216 tones or 12 containers of 40 ft. cocopeat fiber and 69 tones cocopeat blocks (3 containers of 40 ft.) in 2018. They then exported Coco fiber to China as raw material for car seats and mattresses, while cocopeat block for composting in planting media.

Cocopeat is one the best familiar product preferred growing media for a garden planter, industry, and hydroponic gardener. Besides being economical, cocopeat is an environmentally friendly growing medium because we make it from coconut shell husk, which is a renewable natural resource. This material was abundant back in the day. In the early ’90s, people discovered this product was one of the reliable resources. As the name implies, Indonesia’s cocopeat block in China comes from coconut, the latter or part of the mesocarp coconut. This part of the mesocarp is completely powdery and mainly on the coir and sticks to the shell. Cocopeat can give you a lot of benefits from using it. This article will provide some information about the advantages of Indonesia’s cocopeat blocks in China exporters. 

The advantages of Indonesia cocopeat block in China

When we talk about the advantages of this product, there will be many of them. First, the shape and texture of Indonesia cocopeat in China resembles is same as the soil. Its refined grains allow the plant to adapt as well as when planted in soil. The only difference between using this material rather than soil is cocopeat does not contain nutrients such as soil. Therefore, to grow cocopeat, we need to add some nutrients, not only water. Cocopeat as a growing medium also has high water absorption and can store more water than is keep in the soil. This water retention ability can keep water ten times better than soil, which is very good. This will be beneficial for plants that grow with hydroponic systems. It can maintain water well, plant roots do not quickly dry out, and be well hydrated.

Environmental friendly and more pest-resistant material

Because we make this material from organic material, Indonesia’s cocopeat block in China is environmentally friendly. Also can degrade well in the soil when this material is not use anymore. In addition, cocopeat can also be recycled back into a new planting medium, so you don’t always need to buy a new one. Some types of pests, such as soil pests, dislike to be in cocopeat, and this can be certainly better to prevent the plant and protect it from pests. Also, for beginners, this material is recommend. This is because of those who are just learning how to grow plants hydroponically. Cocopeat is easy to handle for first-time planting because you don’t need to worry about pests and watering your plant too much or too little. So, you can click this WhatsApp link to contact us directly: (Maria Arumingtyas) or email: [email protected] for more information.