coco peat soil

Coco peat soil is a growing medium that is usually known if you are already having your garden. This ever-increasing medium can grow so many plants and beautiful flowers in pots. However, it’s relatively known for soil options in pots. Some people are still unsure how best to use it in pots. With a bit of bit guidance and research, you won’t be stop get the never-ending of this marvelous growing medium.

Coco peat soil was made by coco coir, or in easy terms, the layer of pith that surrounds the husk of the coconut. This fiber-like will be grinding and look like soil. In the past few years, farmer and gardener have cottoned on coco peat soil excellent plant growing abilities in pots. Plus, this material has environmentally friendly characteristics. Using this growing media is a viable alternative to peat moss that can take hundreds of years to replenish once harvested.

Benefits using coco peat soil in pots

The significant benefit of using coco peat soil in the pot is how this growing method is environmentally friendly like we said before. It’s made from a layer of fiber-like inside coconut. People used to throw away this material and thought it was a waste. But nowadays, it is an entirely natural product that would otherwise be discarded, making it the most sustainable planting option for your plants. It can be adding environmental values due to its utterly reusable material. Once you used it to grow plants in your pot, it can be cleansed and strain – making it suitable as new coco peat. It will decrease carbon footprint, and it can be worth it for your budget option.

The characteristic of coco peat soil is highly absorbent, on holding water. It can hold water more than 30% better than any other conventional soil. It is also best to use for retaining moisture and is also be able to release it slowly. Thanks to pores of coco peat soil that give your plants in pot better air circulation and drainage. So you don’t need to do much after watering the plants, not like when you use conventional soil that needs regular water. Coco peat soil will take care of your plants healthy, its because of anti-fungal properties. This growing media is also resistant to infection, which in turn will help keep away your plants from disease and decay as they grow in a pots.

How to use it in pots

Using coco peat soil to grow potted plants is relatively simple. It is different from conventional soil because it comes as compacted solid brick when you get this soil. It needs to be soaked with water for at least one or two hours. It will expand by up to nine times its size. You have to pull apart the coco peat soil before it uses. Consider choosing pot with a coco liner, cut to the correct size for the best result of your plant. Give the nutrient or plant foods because this growing media doesn’t hold any own. When you plant your seeds close to the top of the soil, following the standard guidelines for your choice of seed in pots, always remember that this material is suitable so it can be easily recycled after finished using in your pots.

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