growing plants with coco fiber

Growing plants with coco fiber – Coco fiber, also known as coco coir, this product came from coconut fruit husks. This brown color comes from the fibrous part tucked between the white inner flesh we eat and the green outer shell of coconut fruits. Also called coco peat, this growing medium can either be use solo or mixed with any kind of soil material, such as perlite, dirt, and peat moss, depending on what type of plant you want to plant. If you love our earth, coco fiber lower may be the suitable growing medium. It is entirely from natural material and also renewable recourse. Using this material than discarding it is a win-win solution for our environmental issue. This material becomes popular because of its use as a natural growing medium. It can be for making stuff like doormats, flooring, rope, car seats, and many more.

We often used Coco fiber lowes as a substitute for peat moss in hydroponic systems and small container gardening. For a good reason, this material is renewable, unlike peat moss, which is nonrenewable and needs a hundred years to replenish once harvested in nature. The other benefit of using this material is it has neutral pH, which makes sustain the nutrients in hydroponic systems easier. Coco fiber is also biodegradable material, so it is easy to decompose when you don’t need it anymore, but also it is slower to decompose than peat moss. Meaning it releases slow and balances nutrients into the water so your plants will grow faster and healthier.

Coco fiber lowes products to choose from

A Coco fiber low is available in several formats in the market which you consider buying. First is coco fiber loose media which can be use alone or with conventional amendments like peat moss. And then, compressed block bulk of coco fiber, or coco fiber bricks which can be broke apart before use. We shape the third choice coco fiber products like basket liners and coco fiber mats for specific hydroponic use. We charge another development coco fiber that pre-treated. Using the nutrient mix to make it more natural for new plants and transplants to grow. The last one is coco fiber mixes which present enhanced airflow throughout the root area of your plants.

Coco fiber lowes can be used as the growing medium for both seedlings and exotic plants that already grow hydroponic. As rooting mats, growing baskets, and rooting cuttings, this is good to maximize the small space in our yard. Before you plant with this growing media, always moisturize it with water.  When you start seedlings or rooting plant cuttings, it’s well prepared to mix some perlite with the coco fiber to help enhance air circulation in the root area.

As the growing medium, a hydroponics system uses buffered coco fiber to not tie up the magnesium and calcium in the nutrient solution. This differs from easing for pH, which isn’t nearly as crucial with coco coir as with peat. You should also use a nutrient solution specially planned for use with coco fiber.