Get to know about a trending material coco fiber

Get to know about a trending material: Coco fiber is a fiber from of coconuts husk. We find this natural fiber between the internal shell and outer coat of the coconut. It has a straw-like texture since it mainly comprises fibrous material. 

There are two types of coir depending on the coconuts being used. We made the first type of coir out of ripe coconuts with a thicker and stronger texture. However, this type of coir is less flexible. This is because mature brown coir contains more lignin and cellulose. It is use for mats, brushes, and sacking. The second type of coir (white coir) is from unripened coconuts. Although this coir is not as strong as brown coir, white coir is lighter, smoother, and finer. We usually spin it to make yarn used in mats. 

Advantages Of Coco Fiber

You should try this material as an alternative material. This is because this fiber has a lot of advantages.

It Brings Good Result For Growing Plant

First, if you know trending material coco fiber can prevent the plant’s roots from rotting. Coco fiber releases the water slowly without soaking the root, which causes it to rot. If you are a beginner in gardening or farming, you can try this growing medium. You will not have to worry about fungal, pests, or diseases. This fiber also contains organic material needed for plants growth, such as potassium and phosphorus. 

Then you can set the right amount of moisture for your plant. You can try this fiber in its sheet form. It can hold water, so it adds moisture to the plant. If your soil is difficult to keep moisture, you can add this fiber. The ability to hold water will add hydration to your plant. Therefore, you do not need to give a lot of maintenance to your plant. You can also save a lot of money because this product can last up to seven years without being replaced.

Although coco fiber is the least absorbent compare to other coconut products derivatives, this fiber can hold water more than regular soil. This fiber works the same way as coco peat by holding the water well. You will not have to worry about the moisture as the fiber will do the job of retaining moisture. To do that, you can wrap the fiber around the plant after prepping the root. Therefore, you can promote plant growth because of these advantages. Those are its ability to keep moisture and organic substances and increase soil aeration.

It Has Good Property

You cannot use this for plants medium, but you can also use it for construction material. The material is suitable because of its durability, renewability, strength, and ductility. Not only that, but it is also resistant to thermal conductivity, making it an excellent candidate for your construction material. You can also protect the environment because this material is eco-friendly. 

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Coco fiber is the product form of coconut husk. It has advantages for its water retention, making it good for growing plants. You can also use it for construction material. This is because this fiber has good durability, renewability, strength, and ductility properties. If you are interested in buying this fiber, you can visit Indococo as the best Indonesia coco fiber exporter and manufacturer. 

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