Coconut Fiber in Gardening

Coconut fiber – So many planters have been using coconut fiber in gardening, but what exactly is it? This planting medium, also known as coco coir or coco fiber, comes from the husk of the coconut fruit. This material can be use in many varieties besides planting mediums such as home decoration, industries, to construction. For foliage lovers or gardening, coconut fiber can provide soil structure, drainage, and aeration to keep your plants healthy. It is a more environmentally friendly material than other conventional soil like peat moss. Many consider it a green add-in to the soil. It makes this material is an essential tool for many gardeners out there.  

How coconut fiber works

Coconut fiber comes from coconut fruits. As we know, there are many countries, especially with coastal lengths like Indonesia produce many coconuts. Indonesia is one of the biggest countries that export coconut and its by-side product like cocopeat, coco chips, and coco fiber. When you buy coconut coir, you usually get cocopeat, coco chips, coconut fiber, or some combination of the three products. For coconut fiber that is a soil supplement or alternative. If you want to use it as a planting medium, you can reach for cocopeat which is, finely ground coconut husk that works well for planting medium. This is because that material works well for water retention. 

You can get coconut fiber at your garden center in the form of blocks, loose, mixes, bricks, discs, and woven. With bricks or blocks form, you need to break up the package and mix it with water. To get hydrate, coconut fiber will expand about five times in size, so add water to it in a large container. Do it several times to rinse this material because some coconut fiber contains a lot of salt. 

Coconut fiber benefits for planting medium

Coconut fiber offers a wide range of benefits. Compare to peat moss, which is used for water retention. This is a green alternative. Peat moss takes hundreds of years to form, and it’s not being harvest at sustainable rates. Coconuts are readily available and being commercially process in the farm industries. This ensures environmentally friendly because we make it from organic materials. Also, it can be blend well in the soil when it is not use anymore. It is a reusable product so that you can use this material in the long term. Some planters even used this for up to five years. This material is relatively cheap, so it will give more advantages if you use it for industries.   

Coconut fiber better keeps moisture, and it doesn’t require as much maintenance as a planting medium. This is friendly for you that just begin in farming. We highly recommended growing plants with this planting medium for those just learning how to grow plants hydroponically. It has no aromatic smell and feels fluffy to the hands. Coconut fiber is an excellent addition to the potting mix as it provides extra soil texture. But there are some things to consider when you use coconut fiber growing plants. You need to add some supplement or diluted fertilizer because this material doesn’t contain any essential nutrients like soil.  

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