Coco Fiber Everything you need for growing media

Coco fiber for growing media – If you searched through the materials list on a recently purchased a bag of pot potting mix, finished any research on hydroponic gardening systems, there is a mite a chance you have seen the term of coco fiber for growing media. You may read up about any indoor gardening forum you found people talk about coco fiber. There is a good choice and why you had to use it coco fiber too. It is because coco fiber is a natural product, and manufacturing for sale is taking the horticultural world by storm as a growing plant places. Also known as coco coir fiber this material will give you a wide range of benefits and uses.

Coco fiber has a wide variety of consumers. Such as container gardeners, hydroponic growers, farm industries, or small homeowners trying gardening as hobbies. Part of this blast in demand is they have similarity with soil peat moss, but more efficient and its eco-friendly product. It’s not like peat moss which is harvested and needs a hundred years to replenish. Coco fiber for sale is a by-product of coconuts and was abundant. Back then, people thought this material was just a waste and only for accessories in the house that day. After many invented it, people found they could use this material as growing media in the early ’90s. Nowadays, this material has become a multi-million product in industries. 

How Coco fiber for sale produced

A waste product of the coconut harvesting process, we’re actually helping to cut down on the amount of waste generated. All the material from the coconut husks to the inner shell was used to being discarded by people. Now these fibers, both white and brown, have many applications in gardening products. To begin the process, the coconut husks need to be soaked in water first. This will help to reduce the salt in the coconut, usually plant near the seashore.

The coconut usually absorbs the soil containing salt and its effect on the coconut husk made for coco fiber for sale in the growing medium. Often the mature of coconuts, the better quality of this product is. It then formed the yarn into bales, and it will process them into various formats for use. Some manufactures sterilize the product in the last step before the package to clean the product. Still, some won’t do this because other manufactures think it would kill any beneficial bacteria contain in products.

Pros and cons of coco fiber last step

Many aspects make this popular in gardener of growing medium with its excellent water retention. Coco fiber can absorb up to five to ten times. Its weight in water while still maintaining open space for air movement. As a result, this will make plants root grow healthier and faster. This material is slower to break down than other organic materials. So that you can use it for over five years and has a level pH consistency neutral to 5.2–6.8 typically. People who are new to gardening don’t have to worry about its effect on nutrient availability. But there are also some drawbacks need to know from this product like many other products.

Coco fiber doesn’t contain any significant nutrient. Its need some fertilizer or you can buy the coco fiber with already contain nutrients. If you soak them first when want to use them, this product has salt that can harm your plants. Also, soaking can remove the chemicals before use in some products. Always buy this product in recommended manufacture so you will get the best quality and all the product’s benefits.

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