indonesia coco sheet in japan for growing media

Indonesia coco sheet in Japan is one of the wonderful products for growing media. We know Coco sheet as one hundred percent natural product and environmentally friendly. This growing media suit for plants like a portion of organic food. Organic food means all agricultural products free from chemical fertilizers, chemicals, or additives from the start.  So the food is entirely natural, including with traditional plowing. This organic plant uses natural fertilizers or introduces worms to loosen the soil. Natural digging causes the soil to get an oxidized effect that minimizes soil, air, and water pollution in the area.  By using coco sheet for growing media, also affect more eco-friendly management for farming. 

People usually use a plastic sheet which has black color from plastic waste. Indonesia coco sheet in Japan is now available as a substitute for plants derived from organic materials. Coco sheet is the same as fabric or sheet made from coconut husks formed with compound latex. According to the Ministry of Environment of Indonesia research, chemical compounds added to the latex compound used to make coco sheets will disappear. It happens after being heated >80 C will disappear by itself. And we have declared it in the hazardous objects free certificate. So, we guarantee Indonesia coco sheet in Japan product safe and organic. Coco sheet is available in square meter sheets or can be made according to needs, for example, as boxes, circles, or others.

Coco sheet benefits for growing media

Many benefits provides from coco sheet. Indonesia coco sheet in Japan for growing media, giving strength and shape to loose soil and sand. It is also can enhance the growth of new plants that add alongside. And then, because this coco sheet its from coco husk fiber, it will integrate easily into any land shape or environment. So, it means there will be no environmental damage by using this product. Coco sheet also helps support the plant’s root system, resulting in the plant growing upon slopes.  The plant wouldn’t usually be able to grow. So, we often use this product in restoring plant life in slope areas.

This Indonesia coco sheet in Japan benefits keeps away weeds from your plants. So the weed can take the soil nutrients, which speeds up your plant’s growth because there are no nutrients, steal from it. Indonesia Coco sheet in Japan has better water retention

Indonesia coco sheet in Japan

Coco sheet has a porous feature that allows water permeability. When using soil sometimes, it has difficulties holding water and moisture, by using coco sheet will help you much for water retention for growing plants. So it can use for keeping your plants hydrated and manageable for a beginner in gardening. You need little maintenance because the coco sheet is excellent at absorbing water and maintaining its condition even after heavy exposure to moisture. As a result, the plant will not need to need water regularly. This product is can often last up to five years without needing to remove or replaced, so you can save many by using it. This material is also bio gradable if you don’t need it anymore because it is one hundred percent made from natural material.  

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