wood pellet fire pit

Enjoying the warmth in the house with a firepit is very awesome, especially in the winter. Talking about fire pit, we cannot forget about the fuel. You have to chose the right fuel for your fire pit. Here, wood pellet fire pit belongs to one of the best options to consider. This material doesn’t only provide perfect warmth but also eliminates secondary burn.

Loading Wood Pellet Fire Pit

Fire pits come with a bottom grate keeping wood pellets from falling to the ash catch tray. So, you can consider using firewood, wood pellets, or a combination of both. For your information, wood pellets can burn at a high temperature & ignite the secondary burn quickly. It is better to use 2 to 3 inches of wood pellets in the fire pit to start. Wood pellets are also a good supplement to firewood if you use a combination of the two.

On the other hand, the best firewood option to eliminate smoke is the well-seasoned hardwood. Besides that, hardwood also burns more slowly & efficiently. However, you should avoid softwood like pine as the high moisture content may lead to a smokey burn. In addition, you have never to burn treated or painted wood, because it can be hazardous.

Lighting and Tending Wood Pellet Fire Pit

To get a it started with wood pellets, you should use a natural fire starter like a fire starter made from wax or hardwood. You just need to light the wood pellet fire pit starter and let your fuel catch fire. You have to know that wood pellets allow for 30 to 40 minutes of burn time without maintenance. After the fire starts to die down, you can add small amounts of wood pellets to refuel. However, make sure that you don’t stifle the existing flame with new wood pellets.

The Advantages of Wood Pellet Fire Pit

In the wood pellet products, there’s a sort of spiral picking up the wood pellets from the tank & making them fall into the brazier. That feed screw electronically operates. You can also program it so that the pellet fireplace or wood pellet stove automatically ignite according to their schedules. For your information, a fully-programmable genuine small heating system is the best pellet stove. You can adjust it automatically to achieve your preferred temperature in the room.

Then, wood pellet combustion is really efficient. With the same amount, you can get more heat with pellets than with wood. Moreover, flues for wood pellet products are a bit smaller & with fewer limitations than wood-burning products, making it easier to install. Now, you can buy wood pellets in practical 15 kg bags. You can also stone them easily.

Some people like wood but some others prefer pellets. Usually, they want the most practical solution, not the most beautiful one. So, choosing wood and pellets depends on your character and lifestyle. You should also consider financial & building’s structural limits. Anyway, wood pellet fire pit is really worth considering.

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