wood pellet litter for cats

Today, wood pellet litter for cats is very popular. It is a kind of natural pellet litter that is usually from cedarwood or pine. Since it offers so many benefits, it’s better for you to switch to wood pellet litter. In this article, we will help you to decide if switching to wood pellet litter is the right move. So, make sure that you read the following information carefully.

Does Wood Pellet Litter for Cats Reduce Odor?

Wood pellet litter comes with a pine scent, naturally repressing unpleasant odors. You have to keep in mind that it is not an added fragrance but this is the natural wood scent. So, you cannot use a litter with an add-on scent as it can cause headache for both cats and people.

Besides that, wood pellet is also very absorbent of liquid. So, it traps urine & keeps the litter dry, blocking unpleasant odors from escaping around your home and into the air. To sum up, wood pellet cat litter really reduces odor.

Does a Cat Prefer Wood Pellet Litter?

Cats mostly prefer the usual fine-grain litter as opposed to wood pellet litter. It may be because fine-grain litter is smoother on cat’s paws. Cats are also biologically inclined to prefer finer-grained litter as it resembles desert sand.

However, it doesn’t mean that cats cannot use it. Even more, some cats like pellets rather than normal litter as it doesn’t get stuck in cat’s paws. Besides that, wood pellet litter for cats also feels soft & spongy. Anyway, there are many advantages of wood pellet cat litter. And, your cat certainly grows to love it.

Is Switching from Clay Litter to Wood Pellet Litter for Cats Easy?

Switching your cat’s litter from clay-based brand to wood pellet is challenging. That’s why it may be difficult because the texture & size of the 2 types are very different. However, it doesn’t mean impossible. You should not refrain from switching to wood pellet cat litter as it is nothing your cat cannot handle. There’s no reason why your cat should not get accustomed to wood pellet litter, if you have the right approach.

How to Switch from Traditional Litter to Wood Pellet?

You have to take it step by step. Here, you cannot change your cat’s litter overnight. Of course, your cat will notice and react to this sudden switch. So, you have to invert the ration of new litter to the old one gradually in about a week. You can start by replacing ¼ of the usual litter with wood pellet litter. Every time you change it, add less of the old one & more of the new one.

Last but not least, is wood pellet litter for cats safe? You need to know that traditional litter contains sodium bentonite, that threatens your cat’s digestive tract. So, you can conclude that wood pellet litter belongs to the safest alternatives among all litter types.

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