wood pellet horse bedding

Horse bedding aims to absorb moisture and urine. So, it is very important to maintain clean stalls. The bedding material should ease you to clean up messes, is easy to store, and also the least wasteful. Wood pellet horse bedding is excellent for a stable with tight space constraints. In fact, you need less space to store wood pellets. Because wood pellet is from densely compacted, kiln-dried wood fibers, it is 2x as absorbent as shavings and holds 4x the odor elimination power.

The Benefits of Wood Pellet Horse Bedding

Using wood pellet as horse bedding offers a few benefits. First, wood pellet can absorb a huge amount of liquid. So, animal waste will not be a problem. Besides that, the manufacturing process of wood pellet uses a very high temperature. Of course, that heating process kill any bugs and bad bacteria. Then, using it for horse bedding is also time-saving. You may need about 15 to 30 minutes for preparing and setting up. One more thing, it is also cost-saving. Even though the price of wood horse bedding wood pellets is high enough, a small amount of it will hatch to a large amount, making it very economical.

How to Set Up Wood Pellet Horse Bedding

Actually, setting up this product for your horse bedding is easy. You just need a bag of pellets, warm water, and the scissors. After preparing those items, you can start by cutting a cross shape in the plastic using the scissors, and then tuck the flaps inside the bag. After that, pour a bucket of warm water into the opening area. However, you can also opt for cold water.

The next step in setting up wood pellet horse bedding is to leave it until the wood pellets absorb the water. Then, wood pellets will expand 4x than its original size. Now, you just need to pour them out & they are ready for your horse bedding.

How to Store Wood Pellet Horse Bedding

You also have to know how to properly store it. There are 2 best ways to store your wood pellets. We know that wood pellets are available in PE bags. So, you have to place it In a high, dry, cool place. Meanwhile for tablets, you should place them in wet. Storing them under direct sunlight can degrade the cuticle that causes moisture to penetrate & damage wood pellets.

Alternatively, you can store wood pellets in a private warehouse. So, you should create your own a carefully hygroscopic warehouse. If you store wood pellets with other objects & furniture, it can make them wet. In fact, wood pellets usually have low humidity. Therefore, you must have a warehouse that is specifically dedicated for storing wood pellets. It aims to prevent mold from arising.

To sum up, it has many benefits. Hopefully, this article will be useful to guide you to set up, use, and store wood pellets. In fact, wood pellet bedding is the best choice for your horse.

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