Applying palm fiber mats in your garden will give some benefits to your garden. For example, it will free your garden from weeds and help your garden plants to thrive. These mats are excellent because it comes from high-quality fiber. What is the fiber of palm tree to make mats?

It is not a surprising fact that many people have no clear idea about palm garden mats’ raw materials because there are many palm species in the world. However, no matter the type of this palm fiber, the garden mats are an excellent product.

What is Fiber of Palm Tree to Make Mats for Garden?

Palm fiber garden mats come in various types of raw materials. Some manufacturers make them from oil palm fiber. Meanwhile, others make the mats from coconut coir or coconut fiber.

Both types of garden mats have a label palm mat on their packaging because both coconut and oil palm trees are species of palm. In addition, they have similar attributes and characteristics.

One of them is that the fiber of palm tree to make mats is a byproduct of palm oil or coconut agricultural industry. Therefore, both types of garden mats are sustainable. Moreover, both mats can suppress weed growth, keep the soil moist, and are easy to install.

Garden Palm Mats Function: Mulch

You can apply the palm mats in a couple of ways. For example, you can install it as mulch. Below are some characteristics of the palm fiber mulching mats.

  1. Size and Shape

The mulching mats are relatively thin, about 10 mm, but they come in several dimensions. The smallest ones are as small as the surface of planting pots. Meanwhile, the biggest palm mulching mats are about 1 x 1 m. 

You can get these mats in a square, rectangular, or circular shape. Moreover, they usually have a hole in the middle for the seeds or seedlings to grow. However, some manufacturers make these mats without holes. 

  1. Benefits of Using Palm Mulching Mats

Using the palm mulching mats gives you some advantages.

  • They hold the seedlings or seeds in place.
  • They improve the soil’s water retaining capacity. 
  • The mats biodegrade or decompose slowly.
  • They suppress the weeds’ growth.

Garden Palm Mats Function: Erosion Control

Many landscaping gardeners use garden palm mats to control the land erosion. These mats are slightly different from the palm mulching mats.

  1. Size and Shapes

The fiber of the palm tree used to make mats for erosion control can be from coconut trees or oil palm trees. The size of these mats is much larger than the mulching mats. It can reach up to 1 x 20 m. In addition, it doesn’t have a hole in the middle.

  1. Benefits of Using Erosion Control Palm Mats

Using this mulch on a sloping garden or land will give you some advantages.

  • They help the soil to absorb and hold more water.
  • They promote faster binding of soil.
  • They prevent the slopped land to suffer from erosion.

The fiber of palm tree to make mats for the garden is oil palm fiber or coco coir. Both palm fiber types have similar key attributes. Therefore, these mats offer similar benefits, such as preventing soil erosion and suppressing weeds’ growth. If you interest to know more information about palm fiber and other coconut derivative products, you can visit our website. You can also click link WhatsApp here to connect directly with us.