Introducing to Coir Geotextile

Introducing to Coir Geotextile- Coir geotextile is a net from environmentally friendly coconut coir. 100% coconut coir fiber and using natural materials without going through any chemical processes other than the chemical process of reclamation from a mine, beach, or forest. This is biodegradable and strong, helps facilitate the growth of new plants in the coir geotextile field which is placed on ex-mining or other soil and is use as a plant growing medium, landslide barrier and soil protection on sloping land.

An environmentally friendly product that is used as a plant growing medium, landslide barrier and soil protection on sloping land, to maintain soil stability and prevent soil erosion. Humus or nutrients in the soil are a problem on sloping land.

Coir geotextile is very suitable for maintaining soil stability on sloping land, preventing soil erosion and humus or nutrients in soil which are a problem on sloping land. In a maximum of 3 years coir geotextile will degrade with the soil and become humus for the area that is installed with this material. Coir geotextile is also use in mining land reclamation and has been prove to reforest areas damaged by mining activities. This is a cheaper and environmentally friendly solution compared to the use of rock or concrete construction.

Benefits of Coir Geotextile

Introducing to Coir Geotextile- The benefit of coir geotextile is to reforest ex-mining areas, or bare forests. In addition, it can be use as the initial foundation of the road before it is on the asphalt, so that the asphalt is not easily broke and cracked. Many ex-mining greening consulting companies have switched to coir geotextile material because we make it from natural materials.

The nature of coir geotextile which is made from natural material, namely coconut fiber, can store water for a long period of time, which causes the soil surface covered by this material to be maintained.

Therefore, this material can affect the structure of the soil so that it is easy to plant with seeds or seeds, besides that it is also comfortable as a substitute for soil when planting seeds or plant seeds.

Advantages of Coir Geotextile

1. Durable, able to last about 5 years or more, so the material can grow during the period of growth of new vegetation.

2. Coir geotextile is very suitable for sloping or rocky land, judging from the elastic properties of this material. Examples that have been apply are in the former Freeport mining area.

3. Pure 100% Bio-Degradable and environmentally friendly.

4. Resistant to mold and rot.

5. Provides excellent insulation against temperature and air

6. Not flammable.

Functions of Coir Geotextile

1. Greening media on ex-mining land

2. Very suitable for ex-mining and beach reclamation

3. Reinforcement material on the cliff

4. Erosion prevention material

5. Reinforcement on the ground

6. Help strengthen the railroad track

7. Reinforcement on road or bridge cliffs

8. Promotes new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing soil from drying out.

9. Has a natural ability to keep moisture and protect from solar radiation.

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