Coir Geotextile for Erosion Control

Coir Geotextile for Erosion Control- Do you want to know about coir geotextile for erosion control? Coir geotextile are nets made of 100% coconut coir. Which are made without chemical processes. It’s environmentally friendly in helping the reclamation process of a mine, beach, or forest. The properties of coir geotextile are biodegradable (substances that are easily damaged/rotten like plants). Strong, and are very helpful in facilitating the growth of new plants. In the coir geotextile field placed on ex-mining land or other fields.

At first, people use this material namely on car seats, chairs and spring beds. They did this because of its high ability to absorb water and odors. Did not change shape and did not get moldy. The process will take approximately 3 years. Coir geotextile will eventually be degraded by the soil. And will become humus for the area where the material is set.

How to Use Coir Geotextile for Erosion Control

Coir geotextile is use as a solution to overcome landslides. It has proven mining land reclamation and to reforest areas damaged by mining activities. Products that are cheaper than making concrete or gabion rock construction. By placing a coir net on a sloping land that aims to prevent erosion.

On sloping soils, erosion often occurs and becomes a serious problem. Where the slope and length of the slope are two elements that affect runoff and erosion. The part of the slope affects the velocity of surface runoff so that it erodes the soil and increases the destructive power of water. If the flow velocity is twice, the number of trapped soil particles will be 32 times. And if the length of the slope is twice, then the erosion that occurs will increase by 1.5 times.

The greater the amount of rain that falls, the greater the amount of runoff that occurs which then creates culverts on the soil surface, so the drifting power of loose soil particles and scouring power on the soil surface is greater. The problems faced in controlling slope erosion, especially in areas that have long and high rainfall are difficult to solve in the long term. The current design is to build canals or terraces to keep the flowing material. At some point it will overflow or flow down the low side of the retainer. The result is to create a new material flow.

Coir geotextile for manufacture of asphalt

Coir geo textiles can be use for manufacturing asphalt roads because inherent properties such as the highest strength among all natural fibers and water absorption with a maximum swelling of only 5% and a very high extensibility of 30% have been found to be an ideal substitute for geo synthetics normally used in construction. A way to stabilize agrarian lands.

The newest natural resource with very low decomposition rate and high strength compared to other natural fibers. Coir geotextile which is netlike into a thick textile. That like a blanket with a durable, water-absorbing, sun-resistant, facilitating and 100% biodegradable coir. It has high strength retention and a slow rate of degradation. Which means it persists for several years in field applications. You can click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Maria Arumingtyas) or email: [email protected] for more information.