Coir Geotextiles

Coir geotextiles are one of the important components in a construction project. It is a powerful material, which uniquely, it is made of a very soft material. We know that in a construction process, usually the engineer uses special techniques to manipulate the contours of the land. This is very important because sometimes, we carry construction projects out in areas that have soft soil. This is a nightmare for any geotechnical engineer. They must be able to manipulate the contours of the land so as not to interfere with the construction process. And when you can’t manipulate the soil, your projects could face some more problems.

What are Coir Geotextiles?

For those who haven’t heard about coir geotextiles before, this article helps you to get more information about it. Coir geotextile is a kind of natural fiber made from coconut. We consider this material as one of the best components that can solve various problems in geotechnical engineering. Coir geotextile has several benefits, such as soil separator, soil filter, protection on sloping land, to control erosion. Such soft fibers have extraordinary strength when processed into geotextile sheets. This is one of the best inventions that has helped many project managers in producing construction masterpieces. Without coir geotextile, it is impossible to create such a sturdy construction in wet area.

The history of coir geotextiles started when people used this material for their clothes. Then they used this fibre for anything else, such as mat. And when scientist found out that this fibre is strong, they tested it for construction projects. They realized we could use the coir sheet for other things. Coir sheet has excellent strength when assembled into geotextile sheets. In addition, we also considered this material weather resistant and also resistant to various types of fungi and bacteria that can speed up the decomposition process. When compared to other fibers, the rate of decomposition of coir is less than others. 

Coir Geotextiles Benefits

The coir geotextiles are the best material to ensure that the construction projects run according to the timeline. Especially when you have to deal with the river bed, canal, slope, and wet soil. The coir geotextile will ensure that you can work faster because you can filter the soil. Even when you run the projects in river banks, the coir geotextiles will blend with the vegetation around. Since this is a natural material, coir geotextile will not harm the environment. With these advantages, it is not surprising that more project managers use this material on their construction sites.

If you are interested to purchase coir geotextile for your projects, we have high-quality products that might be the one you really need. As producers and suppliers, we have wide range of geotextile that fit with any projects. And if you only need the coir geotextile, our products made of assorted coconut fibre which stands for any weather. It also comes in various size and thickness, giving you ease to select the one that fit your needs.

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