coir erosion control blankets

Coconut plants are famous because they can be made into products that can be useful for us, one of which is to be made into coir erosion control blankets. Curious about how this coconut-processed product works? You can listen to the information that we have summarized in full below.

Erosion is the main cause of landslides in the highlands. Soil erosion often occurs in areas with high rainfall, such as areas with a tropical climate. This is further exacerbated by illegal logging carried out by irresponsible people.

Soil erosion has various types when viewed from the cause. However, what is certain is that everything can be dangerous for humans and the ecosystem around the environment. To prevent erosion, you can try an alternative method, namely using coir erosion control blankets.

Different Types of Erosion that Can Cause Disaster

Landslides often take a toll on people’s homes and bury the occupants alive. To find out the difference between various types of erosion, here we provide information about it.

1. Water erosion

Water erosion has another name, namely ablation, ablation can occur due to river water or rain. Heavy rainfall can increase the risk of ablation which can cause landslides and be dangerous for humans. But you can prevent it by reforestation and also coir erosion control blankets.

2. Corrosion erosion or deflation

Corrosion erosion or deflation is caused by wind and is common in desert areas. The wind will blow the grains of sand to other places constantly. Wind can erode visible material and leave a small amount of it for a long time. Ventifact is rock formed from this wind erosion.

3. Abrasion

Coastal abrasion or erosion itself is the erosion of the coast caused by waves of sea water and also destructive ocean currents. Coastal erosion can trigger shoreline damage when this event disrupts the natural balance in coastal areas. The way to prevent this is with coir erosion control blankets.

In contrast to soil erosion which can be prevented using coir fabric, Abrasion can be prevented and the risk reduced by planting mangroves on the coast to break up the waves that cause abrasion.

How to Prevent Erosion, One of Them Is Coir Erosion Control Blankets

Although it is quite dangerous because it can cause landslides and threaten the sustainability of the surrounding ecosystem, erosion can actually be prevented and the risk is reduced. That way you and your family can avoid disasters that can threaten lives.

The first way that can be done to prevent erosion is to do reforestation or replanting trees. However, the process is quite long and it can take decades for the tree to grow and have long roots.

These roots can later help strengthen and tighten the soil so that it is not easy for erosion to occur. But there is another way that you can do, namely by using coir erosion control blankets, this processed product from coconut can help close the soil quickly and reduce the risk of erosion.

If not immediately prevented, erosion can cause landslides which can be dangerous for humans and the ecosystem around the place. For that you must know how to prevent erosion, one of which is to use coir erosion control blankets.

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