The coir rolls erosion control is a quite popular product to help you protect an area from several disasters. The main problem is for sure erosion which can bring a serious effect. 

That is why; some places such as seashore, slope, etc really need this item. The good thing is that it is available in various sizes or you are able to join them. The goal is to make this log is able to protect a larger area. 

Whatever it is, you should understand more about this product first before buying and using it. Many sellers sell this coir rolls erosion control. As a buyer, you should make sure that it is made from the high quality materials to ensure it’s high function. 

The Detail of This Natural Log

Well actually it is a natural fiber item. The function is for sure to provide the stabilization of soil. This is also great to support several places such as slopes, riverbanks, hillsides, and more. 

Basically these are for the erosion prone places. The good coir rolls erosion control give you a great strength and reinforcement as well. The examples are densely mattress of coir. 

It is placed inside tubular twine netting too. These materials are usually biodegradable and natural at the same time. That is why; it is safe to protect your natural environment around. 

How about the size? The best size for this log depends on the slope and the flow as well. The standard one is available in the size for about 12 up to 20 inches.

The length of this coir rolls erosion control is around 10 feet. To connect several sessions of the rolls together, you may use a twine. This accessories is available in the shop. 

The Types of Coir Rolls Erosion Control

There are three types which are available right now in the market. Those are the standard, high density, and pre -drilled logs. They come with the different specifications and functions.

The standard density is a natural solution for erosion and can stabilize the slope. So far, it is able to make a suitable area For supporting the vegetation growth in a long term period. 

The second type of it is high density. This type is more for the rigorous terrain and a place which has the harsh nature situation. It is good for a lake shore.

Besides that, it can stabilize the slope too. The high density type has the solid performance and own the longest duration. You may put it as your first option. 

The third option is pre-drilled. It is maybe the most convenient one since you don’t need too many stakes. The installation process is so easy and doesn’t take too much time. 

The cool thing about this coir rolls erosion control item is it’s slots. You are able to plant seeds there because the distance is 2 feet apart. It is available in standard or high density version. 

Why people love to use this item? In fact ther are some advantages that they have. First of all, it is biodegradable and also the high strengths materials. 

You can connect more than one logs by using twine. The next reason is it resistant to any small waves and water flows to give you the durable barrier. The coir rolls erosion control allows vegetation to grow too. 

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