Why Do You Need Indonesia Cocopeat Perlite Exporter?

Indonesia cocopeat perlite exporter is undoubtedly one of the best growth media and soil substitutes you can ever use for your garden. Nowadays, gardener excites this natural cocopeat because of its excellent absorption, aeration and water retention properties. Besides, this is resistant to disease and has a low decomposition rate for perlite so that you can reuse this product each time cycle of planting. Also, as much as cocopeat is one of the most effective water retention capabilities, many growers optimize by adding other amendments like perlite.  As one of the cocopeat exporters, Indonesia provides the cocopeat perlite product for many gardener needs because of the many benefits. So what are all of the cocopeat perlite you need to know? Let’s find out all about cocopeat perlite in this article.

So first, before we jump to all of the benefits of the Indonesia cocopeat exporter, we need to know what perlite is. So this material is a naturally occurring mineral that exists in the form of volcanic glass or ash. But some said that perlite is a non-organic product because it can’t be decomposed. Perlite boasts of high water content compared to other conventional soil for plants. So when this material mixes with cocopeat, it can give more water retention due to cocopeat which also has great water retention. The recommended amount of perlite that we should add to the cocopeat ranges from 10-50%. However, this depends on the availability of additional additives, types of plants in the garden and water retention/drainage needs. If you are spreading plants by cuttings, you should consider adding more perlite, more than 50% in cocopeat. It will help foster a better root system.

What does Indonesia cocopeat perlite exporter do to the soil?

When we add perlite to the soil, it improves aeration and drainage. Indonesia cocopeat perlite exporter provides us the best product so that the plants will benefit from its development.  It works by adjusting the foundation of the soil, making it ideal for gardening. It also increases the texture and keeps the ground loose from the soil. To get the most commendatory result, you should mix the right amount of perlite to cocopeat. So, you don’t tend to add too much perlite to cake up. The substrate may also affect cocopeat perlite quality and restrict root growth if you don’t get the perfect ratio. The recommendation of cocopeat perlite use that you rake in 2-inch layer perlite into 6-12 inches of cocopeat.

How do you mix cocopeat and perlite?

The right amount of cocopeat and perlite will help your plant grow healthier and give you better yields during the growing cycle. Regrettably, many gardeners do not understand how to mix this soil properly. The wrong cocopeat and perlite ratio can harm than good, leading to stunted growth and dying corps. So, the perfect amount should add 25% of perlite to 75% cocopeat to obtain optimum results. Some people sometimes add the two using a 1:1 ratio of 50% perlite and 50% cocopeat.

Adding perlite to cocopeat promises to deliver incredible results. Using a mixture of this substrate as your growing medium of choice means better aeration improved drainage and guaranteed healthy plant growth. You can find best quality of cocopeat in www.indonesiacocopeat.com or by clicking here.