heating with wood pellets

When it comes to heating with wood pellets, there are some types of pellet heaters you will need to know. Make sure that you choose the type that meets your needs best. Maybe, you need more than one heater to satisfy your heating needs. This article will help you to determine which one fits your specific heating needs.

Size, Design, Operation & Features of Heating with Wood Pellets

Pellet heating system is available in different sizes & designs. In terms of heating ability, it is consumption rate that determines the size. Usually, there’s a high & a low number, that gives you the range of heat appliance’s output capable. Then, the designs of pellet stove vary greatly, from simple & clean styling to elaborate enamel finishes. Of course, you can find the appliance which fits your home decoration and meets your heating needs. In addition, you also have to learn about the operation of the model or brand. Different models and brands come with different operational features, maintenance procedures, and control systems.

heating with wood pellets

Types of Heating with Wood Pellets

There are a few types of pellet heating systems. So, you have to understand well each of them. Now, let’s check it out!

Pellet Stove

It is a free-standing heat system. You can install a pellet stove in almost any room. However, it is best as a secondary focal point. It means, you may have another focal point such as picture windows, library, entertainment center, etc. You can install it in a corner or against a flat wall. Then, you can install venting for the appliance with different position. Make sure that you use venting that is appropriate for your installation. Usually, a pellet stove needs a non-combustible surface on the floor. A pellet stove is also a good replacement for your existing wood stove.

Pellet Insert

The second type of heating with wood pellets is by using pellet inserts. Normally, people install pellet inserts in wood burning fireplaces. If you already have a wood burning installed in the fireplace, you need to take it out. A wood burning fireplace can be a factory built fireplace or masonry site-built fireplace. Either way, you have to take measurements of the fireplace with you to your local appliance dealer to know what appliance fits into your fireplace. If you have used it, you must clean your fireplace & chimney before installation.

Pellet Furnaces and Boilers

You can use a pellet furnace and boiler in conjunction with the existing central heating system. This is a more utility styled heat system that has larger fuel storage hoppers to hold some days use of fuel. Normally, you install it next to the existing boiler or furnace with the existing heating system to use the pellet system as the main heat source while the existing boiler or furnace as the backup system if you are away & your pellet system runs out of fuel.

That’s all the systems of heating with wood pellets. After understanding them all, you can find the most suitable pellet heating system for your needs.

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