Indonesia Cocopeat Perlite Supplier

Indonesia Cocopeat Perlite Supplier- Indonesia cocopeat perlite supplier is one of the best growth media and soil substitutes people can use in their garden. For many growers, Coco peat is proving to be one product that give many benefits, such as its excellent absorption, aeration, and water retention. Besides, it is resistant to pests, disease and has zero decomposition rates. As much as cocopeat has one of the most effective water retention capabilities, many gardeners need to mix it with other improvements like perlite. So that’s why Indonesia’s cocopeat perlite supplier provides this cocopeat perlite product.  Perlite products appear as tiny, roundish white specks amid the other components in potting soil. It is a non-organic additive used to aerate the media.

Perlite is a naturally occurring mineral that exists as volcanic ash or glass. It boasts of high water content than conventional soil and can be more appealing when adding with cocopeat. So that’s why the gardener adds perlite to the cocopeat. Even it doesn’t need it, and the benefits outweigh the few shortcomings.  Perlite has good aeration, neutral pH and is very lightweight (similar to foam/Styrofoam). Perlite has a reasonably good water absorption capacity, so it is suitable for rooting. In use, it is usually mixed with other hydroponic growing media such as cocopeat or vermiculite in a specific ratio.

The benefits of Indonesia cocopeat perlite supplier

The benefits of cocopeat perlite first to prevent stagnation, like cocopeat this product also has excellent aeration and drainage. Mixing it with cocopeat goes a long way to avoid stagnation by allowing water to drain the soil freely. And as gardeners know, good aeration and drainage will help in healthy roots so that the plants will grow healthier. Then the cocopeat perlite promotes water retention well. Because perlite is a porous mineral, it comprises many cavities capable of holding moisture like a sponge or cocopeat. This material can hold water up to 4-5 times its weight, the same as cocopeat. This means, adding pearlite with cocopeat can significantly improve water retention and allow your plants to absorb more water. 

The plants get more nutrients it required. By using cocopeat perlite also can boost healthy plant growth. Perlite supports aeration and helps drain excess water away, so this kind of method is essential for healthy root growth. While cocopeat has a low decomposition rate, perlite does not easily compose, and even some say this material does not decompose at all. Adding it to the cocopeat will likewise reduce its decomposition rate. This means there is no way your plants are developing the disease because the mixture can last long. And then, you can reuse this material many times with each farming cycle.

Uses of cocopeat perlite

Indonesia cocopeat perlite supplier will provide the best quality of the product to provide your garden needs. So it will be helpful in soil mixes to improve aeration and change the soil substructure, keeping it loose, well-draining, and defying compaction, and enabling the pot to hold enough water and oxygen in the soil. Also, the gardener with the hydroponic method uses this perlite to prevent the plant from dehydrated. Cocopeat perlite is also great for rooting cuttings and fosters much stronger root formation than those grown in water only. Other uses of perlite include masonry construction, cement, and gypsum plaster, and many more. Click our website Indonesiacocopeat or contact us via WhatsApp (Maria Arumingtyas)  email: [email protected] for more information.