how to use indonesia cocopeat for orchid

Indonesia cocopeat for orchid is one of the growing media that have been favorites for this plant. Planting orchids is a hobby that many ornamental plant lovers worldwide do, as we know that the charm of this flower is timeless. Orchids are ornamental plants that have never experienced a declining trend. Let’s see how to plant using this planting medium for orchid plants. This one flower is always much sought after and in demand to beautify the appearance of the house. Beautiful orchids can also be a complement to the interior or exterior decoration of your home. In Indonesia itself, orchids have a nickname; it is called the flower of the nation’s charm.

The beauty of the flowers is the main attraction. In addition, orchids have 20,000 species in nature and 1000 hybrid species. Of course, this number will continue to grow with many cultivators trying to cross orchids to get new species. Orchid is a type of epiphytic plant. If in nature, we will find it attached to the stems of woody plants. Meanwhile, if cultivated, planting media commonly used such as Indonesia cocopeat for orchid, fern roots, wood charcoal, moss spaghnum, and others. Each type of media certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Step using Indonesia cocopeat for orchid

In this article, we will discuss the use of Indonesia cocopeat for orchid growing medium. Besides having a cheap price, coconut coir is easy to find, and this medium also contains essential nutrients needed to support plant growth. So that under certain conditions, you do not always have to give additional fertilizer to plants. Cocopeat is very suitable for areas with tropical climates or lowlands. This media also has an excellent ability to hold moisture. With these points, cocopeat is the primary choice of media used when growing orchids.

First, you need preparation for growing orchids in cocopeat. You can get the best qualities of Indonesia cocopeat for orchid in the online store and get an affordable price. Cocopeat usually sells in a brick shape, and you need to do a little preparation like soaking it in water. Then prepare quality orchid seeds. Of the many types of orchids, the most popular are Phalaenopsis and Dendeobium orchids. Determine in advance of orchid you want to plant. Only then can you prepare the seeds by buying them at a store or orchid nursery in your city. If you can’t find it, you can buy it online.

Care and maintenance of orchid

After the pots, media, and plant seeds are ready, it already planted orchids in Indonesia cocopeat for orchid growing media. You need to know how to care for and maintain your plant. Place the plant in a shaded area for the first week, then do not water the plant for a week. When the plant already grows in cocopeat, you don’t need to water your plant often. This is because cocopeat is good at retaining moisture, so you only need watering every morning and evening. Fertilization begins when the plant is a month after planting. The fertilizer given can be in the form of slow-release NPK fertilizer given to the planting media. In addition, you can provide Growmore foliar fertilizer, which is given by spraying on plant leaves. Orchid flowers will start flowering in the second year after already planted orchids

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