how to mix cocopeat with soil

You can use cocopeat in several methods. One of them is mixing it with soil. You should know how to mix cocopeat with soil to ensure that it doesn’t disturb the growth of the plants. This article will also explain why mixing soil with cocopeat is recommended to boost the quality of the soil.  

Soak the Cocopeat 

You are about to get a pack of dry cocopeat. It will be better if you soak it first. Prepare a large bucket and put the cocopeat there. Then, add water to the bucket and ensure that all the cocopeat are dimmed. It is okay to gently stir the mixture. Wait for a few minutes until the cocopeat is moist and loose. The function of soaking this product is not only to make it moist and loose but also to clean all the bad things, such as pathogens. As a result, it is safe to use for seedling or planting. 

Drain the Water on the Bucket 

Drain the water from the bucket after 10 to 15 minutes. Now you have a moist and loose cocopeat that is ready to use. 

Mix the Cocopeat with Soil 

How to mix cocopeat with soil? The ratio has a crucial role to produce a healthy potting mix. Most gardeners use a 1:1 ratio to mix cocopeat with soil. It is the same case if you want to add compost to the mixture. It means you can use a 1:1:1 ratio to fill the nutrients of the soil. The volume of the soil will increase up to 20 to 50 percent when adding cocopeat. Ensure that you mix all the materials well before putting them on the pot or using it for planting and seedling. 

Steps to Use Soil with Cocopeat for Seedling and Planting 

Prepare a pot and add some soil with cocopeat on it. Leave for about an inch. Now, put the seeds you want to plant there. Cover the seeds with the mixture. Ensure that the seeds are fully covered with the mixture and water it. Wait until the seeds sprout before transplanting them into the garden or larger pots. 

Transplanting Plants in a pot with Soil and Cocopeat 

Prepare a large pot. Then, add the potting mix at least half of the pot volume. It depends on the size of the plant you want to transplant. Gently transplant the plants to the pot. Ensure that it is at the center of the pot. Cover it with a potting mix. Add the potting mix until it covers the pot and the plant. Your job is done when the plant is steady enough and the roots are perfectly covered by the potting mix. 

That’s it! You know how to mix cocopeat with soil now. The key is mixing the materials in the right ratio to fill the nutrients of the soil. As a result, the plants can grow well even if you only grow them in a pot. In the end, you can enjoy the result, such as its flowers, leaves, or even fruits from it. 

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