coconut fibre brick
coco fiber

Coconut fibre brick – Coconut fiber, also known as coco coir, is a gardening medium alternative that is environment friendly, cost-effective, and super easy to use. Coconut fibre brick is available in various sizes and packages, allowing you to choose one based on your gardening needs.

This growing medium can be an ideal choice for different uses. Whether you need it for gardens, indoors, or even hydroponic systems, coco coir can optimize plant growth while keeping your planters lightweight. All you need to do is to follow coco coir brick instructions for different purposes below.

4 Coconut Fibre Brick Uses in Gardening

Coco coir is mainly used in gardening, although it has tons of other purposes across industries. Coco peat works in the garden as well as indoors as long as you know how to prepare it. Here is how to use coco fibre brick in different gardening methods.

  1. Outdoor Garden

Coconut coir is an incredible alternative to peat moss for outdoor gardens. When preparing coco coir for your garden, it is essential to consider the soil to know how it can be mixed with coco peat. For instance, sandy soil needs more coco peat to hold water while clay soil needs coir to loosen the texture.

  1. Houseplants

Using coconut fibre brick for houseplants is a good idea as it is lightweight and has excellent air circulation. Some indoor plants do not get enough sunlight, so it is important to find a growing medium that lets water flow straight through to prevent the roots from being overwatered and getting rotten.

When preparing coco coir for houseplants, you do not need the product as much as the garden use. Choose the small brick sizes so it is easier to prepare.

coconut fibre brick
coconut fibre
  1. Succulents

Coco coir can be used to plant indoor succulents. This material is perfect as it helps control the moisture level to prevent the succulents from overwatering or drying. During the preparation, mix coir with coarse material to mimic the natural environment.

  1. Hydroponic Systems

Coconut fibre brick can be an exceptional alternative to soil. If you prefer hydroponic system, coir can be a perfect growing medium that provides sufficient amount of water and nutrients. As a result, it may give you positive yields.

However, coco coir might have a problem with salt content. Rinse the coir properly during preparation to remove excess salt which can be harmful to your plants.

How Coco Coir Brick Promotes Plant Growth

The texture of hydrated coco coir is soft and loose. It provides the roots easier access to oxygen which can help boost strong growth. Coconut coir also works like a sponge that absorbs and retains nutrient, allowing the root to take essential nutrients to make a robust plant.

According to some studies, coco coir is a potential growing medium for growth promoting bacteria. Composted coco peat contains more cellulose degradation bacteria that is good for plant health, allowing it to grow healthily and happily.

All in all, coconut coir is a versatile growing medium with several uses in gardening. Whether you want to use it for outdoor gardens, indoors, or hydroponic, coconut fibre brick can serve as an exceptional medium.

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