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Coco peat supplierCoco peat is a planting medium made out of coconut husk that has multipurpose use. Coco peat is considered an ideal planting medium from the fiber portion of the coconut husk or coconut coir pith. This material is a by-product of extracting coir fiber from the coconut husk. As one of the largest coconut producers, Indonesia can change the world market that so far has been controlled by India and Sri Lanka. Coco peat still needs to socialize about the market opportunities, product diversification, improving product quality, and developing process equipment is expected to increase this unknown gold potential. Coco peat suppliers still need to cooperate with entrepreneurs, craftsmen, and the government is highly expected.

Coconut itself found growth a lot in the coastal country, like Indonesia as the second-longest coastal in the world. This is why Indonesia is one of the biggest coco peat supplier countries. Almost all of the coconut plant has many uses. Coconut husk was become a waste and thrown by people because of its low value. Some people even used to burn this material and became air pollution. In the early ’90s, people manage this material into a valuable planting medium. Coco peat is known as a soil substitute, or it can be used with soil for planting medium. Coco peat has many benefits for planting medium mainly because it is environmentally friendly rather than using any other soil.

Coco peat benefits

As we mentioned before, coco peat can be used as a substitute for soil, and you can also use it with soil or stand alone as a planting medium. Coco peat can be used in hydroponic because it tends to be an organic planting medium. One of the benefits of using cocopeat as a hydroponic growing medium is that it can hold water and has many chemical elements. Cocopeat has a pH between 5.0 to 6.8, so it is perfect for the growth of any plant. This is also a benefit if you are new or an amateur in gardening. Find recommended coco peat supplier if you want to get the best benefits from its product. This is all because of the porous structure, and coco peat is excellent at holding moisture and also nutrients or fertilizers out of the substrate. 

But need to inform you that coco peat contains high salt-affected by the area’s soil conditions from where it is being harvested. Coconut is usually planted and found in abundance along seashores, generally in soil with high salt content. So coco peat in its natural form will be increased in salt content. Coco peat is a light material, easy to handle, and reused for five or seven years. So this is more environmentally friendly than any other soil. Coco peat is also a perfect soil conditioner, and it can retain moisture up to seven times the package volume. For coco peat supplier benefit because it is easy to package, market, and store. This material can be molded into a brick and is easy to export to everywhere in the world.

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