coco peat product

Coco peat products – There are a lot of options of coco peat products in the market for your needs. This simple material will surprisingly give you so many benefits as a planting medium. This material is environmentally friendly and has more advantages than using conventional soil. Coco peat is an entirely natural product and can retain high water, which helps in water conservation. This product will help your plant to grow healthy and greener than using other conventional soil. Coco peat, also known as coco pith, coco coir, or coco compost is 100% organic natural and bio gradable substance that was the byproduct of the coconut husk extraction process.

You can use coco peat product for may usage not beside its main use as planting medium in horticulture, agriculture. Coco peat products sometimes also use as animal bedding and in many other industries. Indonesia is one of the biggest countries that sell this product overseas. The coconut can be easily found in tropical and archipelago. Coconut is the main material to produce any coco peat product. Nowadays, coco peat is produced by modern manufacturing processes before pack, transport, and store. With the low price of coco peat, this product becomes a favorite planting medium for many gardeners in every country. This product is easy to use and fit for beginners who start gardening or growing plants.

Coco peat product manufacture process

The coconut husks were processed into coco peat products with modern manufacture and machine. Coco coir was extracted into coco peat, a porous material that binds the coconut fiber in the husk. It is also the raw material of coco peat-based products. After the materials separate from the husk, the product needs to be washed with freshwater to lower salt electrical conductivity. This method will help the plant’s roots can absorb water efficiently in this planting medium. Then it needs to be drying under the sun or oven to the globally expected value and required compaction. The last process of coco peat product manufacture needs to be sorted by the conductivity and moisture of its coco peat product. This product has many variations like coco peat powder, coco peat compost, and cocopeat brick form to package, transport, and store. 

Use and benefits

Coco peat product is one of the popular planting mediums or substrates used in various kinds of cultivation. It can be used as hobbyists’ terrariums, urban rooftop gardens, large greenhouses, hydroponic, and traditional farms and nurseries. Coco peat product providing numerous benefits uses like;

  • Composted coco peat product is used as organic manure fertilizer
  • Coco peat product supports seed germination and seeding growth by retaining more moisture and nutrients than any other soil. So you don’t need to check your plant routinely constantly. This is good beneficial, especially if you are new to growing plants.
  • Coco peat provides an amendment to improve the soil texture, moisture retention capacity, and soil aeration so the plants will grow healthier and greener.
  • The coco peat product is also anti-fungal and bacteria, so it prevents your plant from any disease.

You can find many coco peat products in a store and online store, such as compressed grow bags, peat brick, and briquettes of various sizes. Coco peat powder, coco peat disk, or coco peat pellets are also excellent options to provides your need. Find a recommended store to get the best quality of coco peat product so you will get all of the benefits from its product.

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