coco peat how to use

Coco peat is an alternative growing medium for replacing soil. This product is made from coconut husks. Coco peat is a recommended growing medium because it increases water retention and even keeps the plants away from diseases caused by fungus. Indeed, most beginner gardeners are asking about coco peat how to use it to keep the plants growing well. Here, we have a way to use this product for maximum results. 

Reconstitute the Coco Peat 

Prepare a large bucket. Then, break apart the cocopeat in it. Now, add water to the bucket and wait for a few minutes. The function of the water is to saturate the cocopeat. You can add more water if the cocopeat starts to dry. Gently stir the mixture after 10 to 15 minutes. The cocopeat is ready to use when it looks moist and loose. 

The Way to Use It in Your Garden 

So, cocopeat how to use it in the garden? You can apply two different methods. First, move the moist cocopeat from the bucket and directly mix it with the soil. Second, move the cocopeat from the bucket and cover the soil surface with it. Both methods can retain soil moisture better. The more moisture in the soil, the healthier the plants. 

The Way to Use It in Pots 

How about if you don’t have a garden at home? It is not a problem. Buy some pots and use cocopeat as the growing medium. You only have to prepare the pots and add the moist cocopeat to them. Ensure that you give around an inch in the pots. Now, plant the seeds in the center of the pot. Cover the seeds with a little bit of cocopeat. Watering the seed regularly. Transplant seedlings into larger pots when the seeds start to sprout. The key to growing the plant well is by applying fertilizer and watering it regularly.    

Things to Know Before Using It for Planting 

There are several things you should know before using cocopeat for growing plants. This information helps you to use this product maximally and prevent risks. 

Mix Coco Peat with Soil 

Is it okay to mix cocopeat with soil? Yes, it is. This trick even makes the soil more well-drained and moist than before. The plant roots can get more oxygen when mixing the soil with this product. 

Mix Coco Peat with Compost 

Just like mixing cocopeat with soil, you can also mix this product with compost. Both of them are natural ingredients that are good for plants. It is better to use a 1:1 ratio to grow the seeds or plants well.

Growing Plants with Coco Peat Alone 

You can use coco peat as a growing medium alternative, but ensure that you mix it with fertilizer. It is because coco peat doesn’t have enough nutrients as soil. Organic gardeners often use coco peat alone to germinate seeds before transplanting them to the garden.  

After learning about coco peat how to use it, you know that this product is easy to use. It is a good option for beginner gardeners who want to grow plants without soil at home.  

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