coco husk orchid

Orchid is known for its beauty; you can put orchid both outdoors and indoors and it will pleasure the eyes of whoever looking at it. But orchid is also known to be difficult to grow and maintain since most orchids don’t grow in regular potting soil. This is why coco husk orchid is widely used since coco husk is a light and absorbent medium which works perfectly while for orchids. 

Different Key Factors

The key to successfully grow orchid is the perfect medium, and coconut husk is one of the best medium you can find for orchid such as Phalaenopsis orchid. It is a sustainable option, and will work better than bark pieces since it can retain water longer.

But the thing is, the growing medium is not the only thing you should focus to grow orchids. There are many factors that will greatly impact your orchid such as placement, climate, watering habits, indoor air, or even the orchid itself.

Also, coconut husks don’t usually work with all kinds of orchids, sometimes different orchid needs different mix, or even different growing medium. But from experiences, coconut husk will work the best for Phalaenopsis orchid.

So, if you choose to use coco husk orchid in your house, you can buy coconut husks locally or online, hydrate it by soaking it in water for at least overnight, and then put the coconut husk inside a clean pot as your orchid’s growing medium.

coco husk orchid

Coco Husk Orchid is The Best Medium for Orchids

Even though coconut husks don’t always work with every kind of orchid, but orchid lovers agree that coconut husks are still the best medium for growing this unique and beautiful plant. This is because orchids are epiphytes that grow on tree trunks and their roots need breathable air to ensure their health.

This is why coconut husks are the best since they have great aeration quality and will let water pass through freely so orchids’ roots can easily get the air they need. Coconut husks will retain enough water for the roots but also don’t make them soggy so the air can flow easily.

Compared to bark pieces, coconut husks will hold water longer which means that the growing medium will be wet but your orchid’s root will not be drowned. Coconut husk will provide the level of moisture orchids need to stay alive and healthy.

Not only that, the use of coconut husks for growing orchids also has many other advantages. Coconut husks are rich in lignin, making it resistant to the growth of bacteria fungi, and soil-borne pests. Coconut husks will naturally control anything that will disrupt the growth of your plants, including weeds.

Coco husk orchid is also economically feasible since you can use it more than ten years, therefore also requires less garden and labor maintenance. So, if you’re considering to have orchids in your garden or house, coconut husks are the most recommended growing medium for you.

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